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The Rousdon Mansion - Illustration 1907 from 'The South Devon Coast' by Charles G Haper

Here's a wonderful illustration of the Rousdon Mansion that we hadn't seen before.


Taken from a book called 'The South Devon Coast' by Charles G Haper and published by Chapman and Hall Ltd, 1907.

There is a chapter about Rousdon where the Mansion features, here is an excerpt:


'A remarkable feature of Rousdon mansion is the extensive use, internally, of Sicilian marble.

The great staircase and other portions of the house are built of it, and a beautiful dairy is wholly decorated with this material. It came here in a romantic and wholly unexpected way; having been the cargo of a ship wrecked on the rocks off Rousdon at the time when plans for the building were being made.'


We hope to be able to bring OHs more information on the incredible story of the Sicilian marble soon.