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John Bardolph (Teacher during the 1970s and 80s)

The Old Honitonians Club was informed today by Langdale Care Home of the very sad news of the passing of Mr John Bardolph, former teacher at Allhallows during the 1970s and 80s.

Many will have wonderful memories of John. 

John passed away on 9th June 2024 after a short illness, he was aged 87.




Alan Lloyd


'Hello, I was very sad to read that John Bardolph had passed away for he made my time at Allhallows (1965 - 70) just about bearable!


I was in Shallow House, so John was also the man who dished out pocket money to us Shallow boys!


The reason that John made my life less miserable was twofold - firstly he looked after the mechanics club and secondly, he took those of us who were interested to Wiscombe Hillclimb when events were happening there.


The mechanics club was livened up by John's enthusiasm for cars and motorcycles - one time that I remember vividly was when he got two or three of us to hold hands in a line with him and then he touched a car spark plug which sent an electrical shock down the line through us all!


He thought that this was very funny! Another memory is of him towing Robin Biggs' Lotus Elan back under the Shallow House road arch very slowly at the dead of night just after the Elan had been rolled.....they might have thought that nobody would see them, but the noise that they made woke most of us in the dormitory!


I remember the 1930s Jaguar that he took the body off and drove around at high speed (again often at night) and his Vincent 1000 Black Shadow motorcycle (today worth a lot of money!)..........


He helped me arrange a car driving trial (a timed test manoeuvring a car around bollards) in the main car park in front of the school, and a couple of racing car demonstrations up the school drive! No health and safety issues back then!


I really did not like boarding school, but bless you, John, you made it a whole lot better!'


Mark Holbrook


'I have fond memories of John and how he was convinced........and then somehow convinced us his pupils....that we could speak Spanish right from day one. My strongest memory of 'Tocs' though - if one is allowed to say that now- was the morning after Halloween when his lotus was found on the first floor up the marble staircase amongst all the seaweed.....thanks Mr. Bardolph for being the most fun teacher I ever had'


James Turner


Very sad news. He was a decent bloke, who managed the miracle of me getting Spanish O’level, and was also my Tutor. I still remember pushing the Vincent when the starter failed, which was its normal state.


'Remember this one: Antes que te casas, mira lo que haces.

I still remember it today, though I have never had cause to use it in conversation.'


Stephen Dixon


'So very sorry to hear of John’s passing. Truly a great man and a legend in OH circles. I believe this photo was taken of him at The White Horse in Ampfield (run by John Anderson OH). He was the guest of honour at the end of an OH cricket week.'


Rory Macdiarmid


A lovely man, I wrote several e-mails to the Sarah Cox show trying to get him mentioned in the "teacher's spot" he was great fun and inspired me in so many ways. Sad.


Graham Carmichael


'Enjoyed his French lessons and the sound of his Vincent 1000.'


Tessa Evelegh


Have a great memory ride in honour of this fab fun guy. He introduced himself to us first Shallow girls with Strawberry cream tea in Lyme. Unforgettable … I’d never met a teacher like him!