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Graham Jones (Staff)

Graham Jones (G.B. Jones) died peacefully in his sleep on 6th May 2020.


Graham, his wife, Mary, and young family came to Allhallows in 1966. He had taught at Sir William Borlase's School in Marlow, worked briefly in industry and read Mathematics at Cambridge. He was appointed Head of Mathematics by Gethyn Hewan.  OHs will remember that he was an enthusiastic exponent of the new school mathematics and established S.M.P. in the curriculum.


In 1971 he became Housemaster of Baker and very early on earned the respect of the boys in his house and their parents for the high standard he expected and the tireless efforts he made for Baker boys to use their talents and opportunities to the full.


A fine medium-pace bowler Graham was a natural games player and was master-in-charge of cricket throughout his time at Allhallows.  He was an equally enthusiastic coach of hockey and referee of junior rugger and, as one of the few members of staff with real military experience in Korea, he gave invaluable service as an officer in the C.C.F. in training, at camps and on field days.


Graham and Mary also contributed to the Rousdon community as a whole. Together they participated in parish affairs, Mary serving as a Parish Councillor, and supported fetes, village suppers and flower shows just as much as they did chapel services, special lectures, concerts, plays and festive occasions at the school.


Graham retired from the school in 1992 but he and Mary did not move far, buying a property in Combpyne where they lived until just a few years ago when they moved to Colyton.


The Club sends its condolences to Mary and the family.