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Step into the virtual world of nostalgia with the Old Honitonians YouTube channel, a treasure trove of cherished memories and captivating stories from our time at Allhallows. 



You can see our YouTube channel HERE.


Our YouTube channel serves as a digital archive. Yet, our archive is incomplete without your unique contributions. If you have a story, a moment, or a memory, we invite you to become a part of our narrative. Share your anecdotes with us.


Email: honsecretary@oldhonitonians.online 


In Conversation with Mr Blooman


"In Conversation With Mr Blooman" is a series of special interviews where Mr Blooman reminisces about the cherished memories and vibrant history of Allhallows throughout the years! In this sneak peek, Mr Blooman shares memories of Headmaster Gethyn Hewan (1965 - 1974).  



In Conversation with Mr Blooman - Part 1



For our first instalment, Mr Blooman chats about Chudleigh House Matron Barbara Clarke, the importance of the boarding community at Allhallows, and what was not to be on show when parents were being shown around!


In Conversation With Mr Blooman - Part 2



Mr Blooman has often been referred to as an encyclopedia of knowledge. That's confirmed here, talking about his formative education journey at Lincoln College Oxford, where he gained experience in Ecclesiastical History and Medieval Latin.

He also explores his time teaching Anglo-American relations and The American Civil War at Allhallows.



In Conversation With Mr Blooman - Part 3



In this episode, Derek discusses the remarkable Headmaster of Allhallows, George Shallow. He led the school's relocation from Honiton to Rousdon and improved its academic performance, which earned them a place in the prestigious Headmaster's Conference. This conference was reserved only for the top schools in the country at that time.


Derek goes on to say how education is a continually evolving landscape.


In Conversation With Mr Blooman - Part 4



In this episode, Derek looks through his 'History of Allhallows' book, a publication compiled and written by OH Stuart Macgregor (Venning 1948 - 54). He reflects on memories of his photograph being taken in the earlier days, to the Pogues!