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Jane Williams (formerly Bosence) (Staff)

It has recently come to the attention of the Club of the death of Jane Williams (formerly Bosence) who died in West Maling, Kent in May 2021 after a long illness with cancer. Thank you to Dudley Hopkins for providing the following obituary.


Those at The School in the early 1960’s will no doubt well remember our young popular and caring sanatorium matron JANE BOSENCE.
Keith Williams of West Malling Kent confirmed earlier this year the passing of his beloved wife Jane on 18th May 2021 to whom he had been married for in excess of 50 years after a battle with cancer aged 85.
Jane was San Matron from 1960 to 1963 and during her time experienced the flu epidemic of 1962 when a greater proportion of the School was affected to the extent that some Chudleigh dormitories were requisitioned as sick bays AND ALSO the great freeze of 1963 when snow and ice abounded for many weeks causing slippers and trippers needing medical care and attention.
After leaving in 1963 Jane perused her career in nursing and midwifery finally becoming Practice Nurse in a busy medical practice in Maidstone Kent.
JANE was born and brought up in Lyme Regis..During World War 2 Keith and his older brother were evacuated to Lyme Regis from Kent and after the War the respective parents kept in touch.In 1967 Jane and Keith’s relationship flourished and they married in 1969.During a long and happy marriage they had mutual interests in cricket foreign travel and playing bowls to a high standard.
The Club sends it sincere condolences to Keith and their respective family and friends.
JANE’s popularity was noted ( by way of orbiter ) when the head master the late VAL Hill remarked in an end of term speech in 1962 when touching on the question of discipline “ that some persons were attending the San for apparent medical reasons at times of Chapel with sole intention of missing chapel!