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Old Honitonian Film Introduction

It is a real honor to be producing the Old Honitonians film to commemorate the 25th anniversary since our school closed.

I'm particularly excited about the opportunity to interview more OHs with fantastic stories for the film.

Here I am in Axemouth; thanks for sorting the location Martin Boulden!

Stay tuned for more updates on the Old Honitonians film, and please feel free to share your own memories and stories by getting in touch. Let's make this a tribute to remember!

OH Club Intro and Happy Christmas

Hi, it's David Woollatt, the newly elected Hon. Secretary of the OH Club.

In this short video, I am sure there are many things I have forgotten to say and many people I have yet to thank, so I must apologise in advance and thank all OH members for their continued support of our fantastic club.

Here is a little intro from me about exciting things to come in the future and to wish all OHs and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Welcome to our website! 


This is the official website of The Old Honitonians Club. If you are an OH, or indeed just interested in the history of Allhallows School or Allhallows College, then we hope that you will find everything that you are looking for within this site. We encourage OHs to contact the Club by using the form below with any questions that you may have regarding the Club's upcoming events as shown in our Calendar or concerning the history of Allhallows. 



Visits to Rousdon

It is fully understandable that many OHs will wish to visit the Rousdon Estate to rekindle old memories and to see what development has taken place in recent years.


Naturally the residents wish to maintain a degree of awareness about visitors. It would therefore be appreciated if OHs wishing to arrange a visit to Rousdon would make contact with Judith Ellard, Chairman of Allhallows Limited (email:  Judith@rousdonestate.com or mail@allhallows-rousdon.com)  prior to the day of their visit.


Please remember that the Estate is privately owned so please keep to the roads and footpaths. Thankyou for your co-operation and understanding.

Important Notice

The Club recognises that many OHs communicate and keep in touch with other OHs by a variety of social media platforms. The Old Honitonians Club welcomes and encourages all forms of communication between its members. Visitors to this site should note however, that only this website and the Facebook page 'Old Honitonians Club' represents the official views and policies of the Club itself. Any other social media platforms that use the term 'Old Honitonians' in their title are not administered by this Club and therefore any views and comments that may appear on such platforms are strictly those of the users of such platforms and should not be taken to be those of The Old Honitonians Club itself.

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