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Awards and More at the OHGS Championship at Lyme Regis Golf Course

What a wonderful evening it was on Wednesday for the midpoint of the OH South West Golfing week, featuring the OHGS Championship.


We joined the members as they returned to the clubhouse at Lyme Regis Golf Course. The players included:


  • John Bridger
  • David Danskin
  • Peter Green (Buggy)
  • John Harper
  • Richard Heard
  • Peter Heron
  • Rafi Husain
  • Kit Magrath
  • Jeremy Page
  • John Pagliero
  • David Reynolds
  • Bryn Shorey
  • Roddy Wakeford
  • Steve White


We also took the opportunity to extend a huge thank you to John Pagliero, who is passing the baton (or driver) to OH David Danskin after 11 years of outstanding organization of this fabulous event.

We enjoyed catching up with everyone, sharing memories of our school, and distributing the prizes. Full details will be published soon.


After the afternoon event at Lyme Regis Golf Club, there was a wonderful meal at Poco Pizza in Lyme Regis, the perfect location.


Here are some photographs from the evening.


We also managed to interview John Pagliero too, we will be publishing it soon. Thank you to everyone for such a lovely afternoon and evening.


One of the interviews we also recorded was with David Reynolds (Shallow 1980 - 1985).


Picture this: students setting sail from Lyme to Allhallows Beach on a boat laden with alcohol. David shares some fantastic stories.

Thank you, David, for a wonderful interview.



We were also able to catch up with John Pagliero and thank him for his incredible stewardship of the OH Golfing Society over the last 11 years.