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Important Announcement - Events on the Rousdon Estate this summer

Important Announcement

There will be Two Events on the Rousdon Estate this summer ………

Dates now confirmed …………..

Event One - Saturday 1st July

Event Two - Saturday 2nd September

Arrival 3pm and finishing around 7.30pm.

From OH Martin Boulden:

I am rather proud and excited to tell you that after 25 years, I have managed to agree “Two” Official Gatherings on the Rouson Estate this summer, thanks to the amazing Judith and Warwick, who own part of the main building, Otter Lake and the land which Venning House stood on!

The maximum number is 25 OHs, and will include a selection of premium drinks provided by Julian Packer (Fellow OH and owner of two local Wine Shops), food by an “Artisan” catering company and live music within the grounds, at the rear of the main house.

This will also include some of the residents, who I must say have been very enthusiastic in allowing this and are a fantastic bunch of characters.

The dress code will be casual, however, I must urge, we have to respect this wonderful opportunity, to ensure we can continue building bridges and put on future events.

There will be a Ticket price for these events, to cover the cost and to give a sum to the Rousdon Estate for the upkeep of the estate, along with a donation to the Air Ambulance.

The Ticket price will be £75, this may seem high, but I promise a fabulous event meeting some wonderful people in the grounds of our old school with the backdrop of the main school building and the view of the cliffs and the sea.

Please confirm your place and advise which date you require by sending me an email to martinboulden@icloud.com or texting me on 07850 800959.