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Whilst the Club is delighted to announce the publication of the 2020 OH Magazine,  the Club Committee have sadly come to the decision to cancel the London Drinks party that was planned for 21st May, 2020 on board HQS Wellington.

Notwithstanding the progress that is being made with the vaccination programme and the lowering of the infection rate the Club Committee has concluded that the social distancing rules would not be sufficiently relaxed to make a drinks party in May entirely safe or viable. In the circumstances, the Committee has decided that the right decision is to cancel the event for this year. (Please note that this decision was taken after the 2020 OH Magazine went to press.)

However, OHs must not despair! Despite this second cancellation, HQS Wellington has been re-booked for FRIDAY 20TH MAY, 2022 when every efforts will be made to ensure that the Club enjoys a night to remember. 

Please make a note of this new date. Further details will follow in due course.