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David Shaw writes about a celebratory lunch on the brief return of a ‘prodigal son’:


As Andy Moore (Venning 53-58 and Head of School), has reported in the past, 'Irregular OH Lunches' take place in a West Country pub occasionally and are well organised by him and aimed at the over 80s. One or two much younger OHs (in their late 70s) have inveigled themselves in to the parties partly in reverence but also through genuine concern for their elders because the pub and the car park are separated by a busy road and there is no warning sign like the one  outside care homes showing an elderly couple with walking sticks  to warn motorists to slow down!  


Back to this one, which David Shaw organised because Andy was away but also as it was in honour of a once famous OH, Trevor Shoppee, who was in UK on a rare visit from his home in the Philippines. Trevor (Middy 59-64) was Head of School and Captain of Rugby and Athletics in 1964 as well as being SUO of the CCF, was hoping to see Tom Lang who beat him to the Victor Ludorum trophy in our final year but Tom (Venning 60-64) and Head of House, sadly was ill and could not make it.  Roddy Long (Baker 58-63), Head of School in 1963 and Captain of Cricket and Hockey was another old friend but who was also ill and unable to travel. Roger Wheeler (Stanton 55-61) was Head of School in 1960 and 61 and was having a long-awaited operation so we were able to remember him, in his absence, being captain of everything. 


Other friends of Trevor's who were present were Alec Crawford (Stanton 55-60), Richard Le Fleming (Middy 59-64), Nigel French (Chudleigh 55-60), Tim Clunie (Middy 59-63) who had come from Kent, Toby Martin (Shallow 59-63) who had come from Plymouth, John Lister-Kaye (Stanton 59-65) and Head of School, who had come down from Inverness and David Shaw (Baker and Venning (59-64). Lunch began with a toast to absent friends and especially to Roddy, Tom and Roger who were indisposed, and some seriously; a respectful pause gave way to a lovely reunion, a nostalgic journey revisited fondly and a pretty good lunch. Some of us had not seen others since the last day of term in 1964, almost 60 years ago. In the presence of such illustrious alumni, David Shaw was able to tell his friends that his memoirs are entitled 'Captain of the 2nd XI''.


Addendum. Since then, Tom Lang has generously reminded Trevor that they shared the Victor Ludorum in 1964, a compromise as Trevor was ‘Field Sports’ and Tom was ‘Track’. Roddy Long died on 9th June, as reported elsewhere, but not before he was able to receive this report about a few of his many friends in the OH community. DCNS