(Draft) Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Held on Saturday 7th November 2015
At the Hare & Hounds, Gittisham.

  1. Present:
    The President, Vice Presidents, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary, Committee members and some 30 OHs.
  2. Apologies:
    Apologies had been received from 10 OHs.
  3. Opening Remarks:
    In welcoming the attendants, the President recalled the hugely successful 500th Anniversary Lunch at the Painters' Hall attended by 190 OHs ranging in age from 36 to 91 and he particularly thanked Nigel French who chaired the organising committee. Roddy Long reminded members that he had asked Myf Adams to form a group to look at the future of the Club and he thanked her and Martin Boulden, Patrick Musters and Peter Sloan for the work they had done. The questionnaire distributed earlier in the year in the Magazine and by e-mail had drawn a response from some 25% of members and it was immediately clear that, almost without exception, the respondents wanted the Club to continue. Discussions were continuing within the Committee and it was hoped to put full proposals to members in the near future. In the meantime a summary of discussions so far will be circulated shortly. On the sporting front Roddy Long thanked John Pagliero for arranging golf matches and it was hoped that in 2016 there would be 8-10 individual fixtures in addition to the Golf Week. Despite the considerable work done by Myf Adams over the last two years the planned tennis day had again to be cancelled due to lack of support. Jim Rowe had organised two days of shooting, one at clay pigeons and the other at targets and although attendance was not large, both days had been very entertaining. After 12 years valuable service Richard Bean was stepping down as West Country Secretary and the President thanked him for all that he had done and, to applause, presented him with a set of 500th Anniversary tumblers. Roddy announced that David Richardson would take over as West Country Secretary with immediate effect.
  4. Confirmation of Minutes:
    Proposed by Giles Blomfield, seconded by Myf Adams, the Minutes of the Meeting held on 27th November 2014 were approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman.
  5. Election of Officers and Committee:
    The following, having agreed to stand and having been proposed and seconded, were nominated for election, each for a three year term:

    Position Nominee Proposer Seconder
    President: Roddy Long Alec Crawford Roger Wheeler
    Vice Presidents: Tim Birmingham
    Seb Warner
    Roddy Long
    Roddy Long
    Richard Le Fleming
    Alec Crawford
    Hon Treasurer: Robin Grey Alec Crawford Roddy Long
    Hon Secretary: Alec Crawford Roddy Long Roger Wheeler
    Committee: George Hayter
    David Richardson
    Alec Crawford
    Roddy Long
    Roddy Long
    Giles Blomfield

    Proposed by Alec Crawford and seconded by Roger Wheeler the above nominees were unanimously elected en bloc.
  6. Treasurer's Report:
    The Hon Treasurer, referring to the accounts for the year ended 31st May 2015, said that excluding the 500th Anniversary Lunch income and expenditure there was a surplus for the year of £917. He further commented that excluding the 500th Anniversary figures, both income and expenditure were very much in line with the previous year. In respect of the 500th Anniversary the final income and expenditure account showed a deficit of £2,455 which was almost exactly as expected and would be covered by the saving resulting from the AGM and Reception not being held in London in 2016. Robin Grey acknowledged the very generous donation of £1,000 received from John Wong. Proposed by Roger Wheeler and seconded by Anthony Lovell-Wood the annual accounts for the year ended 31st May 2015 were unanimously adopted.
  7. West Country Report:
    David Richardson advised that the 2016 West Country Lunch would be held on Saturday 14th May at the Victoria Hotel, Sidmouth and would be a table served three course lunch at a cost to be finalised between £21.00 and £25.00 per head. David Richardson also advised that he would be organising the 2016 Walk at Kingston Lacy in October 2016.
  8. OH magazine:
    George Hayter advised that he 2016 Magazine is expected to be distributed in January/February 2016.
  9. Website:
    Alec Crawford reported that Simon Reading, the web site administrator who took over folllowing the death of Nigel Giles at the end of 2014, was working on a re-design of the website in order to make it more user friendly as well as more secure.
  10. The Future of the Club:
    Myf Adams, who chairs the group looking at the future of the Club, summarised the proposals discussed by the Committee earlier in the day.
    •    the Committee would be restructured in order to clarify member's responsibilities
    •    the position of Live Vice Presidents would be less prominent on the Committee
    •    it had been agreed not to recommend the introduction of an annual subscription
    •    the proposal for an on line members list required further study in order to ensure compliance with Data Protection rules and also to ensure the necessary level of security. Simon Reading was also considering other ways of enabling members to obtain the contact details of other members.
    •    it was proposed that that both era and also area representativies should be appointed in order to maximise contacts and gatherings. OHs who had volunteered when replying to the questionnaire to be such representatives would be approached.

    Further work was needed but Myf said it was hoped to put firm proposals to the Committee and, as appropriate, to an AGM or EGM in due course.

  11. Any other business:
    Anthony Lovell-Wood suggested that consideration be given to holding an AGM and Reception in the Midlands or North of England where there are a considerable number of OHs located.
  12. Date and Place of the Next Meeting:
    Thursday 24th November 2016 at 6.00pm at the RAC, London. However the President said that whilst noting Mr Lovell-Wood's suggestion, he hoped that another AGM would be held in the West Country.



Visits to Rousdon

It is fully understandable that many OHs will wish to visit the Rousdon/Allhallows estate to rekindle old memories and to see what development has taken place in recent years.

Those who attended the 500th Luncheon will have heard the comments of our guest speaker , Professor John Broome who lives in the old Pavilion.

Naturally the residents wish to maintain a degree of awareness about visitors. It would therefore be appreciated if OHs wishing to arrange a visit to Rousdon would contact Judith Ellard – prior to the day of their visit .

Please remember the estate is privately owned so please keep to the roads and footpaths.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding

Kind regards Roddy Long



A Short History of Allhallows School

Copies available from:
Giles Blomfield, Woodland View, Adams Green, Halstock BA22 9SW
Price: £5.00 incl postage
Payment: by Cheque made payable to The OH Club or for on line Bank transfer apply for details to
Please note Limited copies available





500 years
-  Our big celebration  -

500th lunch 038
Photos out!
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The Club has learnt of the death of John W Ward (V ’43-53)

The Club has learnt of the death of Philip R M J Botting (M ’48-50)

The Club has learnt of the death of Jeremy Kitcat (Master 1975-91) on 6th October. His funeral will take place at St Paul’s Chapel, Exeter Crematorium on Tuesday 20th October at 1.00pm

The Club has learnt of the death of Stuart E Scott (Stanton 1958-62) on 12th June 2015.

The Club has learnt of the death in August of Dorothy Bhonsle nee Cox.
‘Dotty’ Cox, as she was known to many, was assistant house matron and house matron at Allhallows from shortly after the end of the Second World War until the late 60s. The Club’s sympathy and condolences are extended to Dorothy’s husband and family.

The Club has also learnt of the death on 11th September of Robert Ireland (Venning ’71-75) on 11th September aged 58. A long time executive with Coca Cola, a full obituary can be found at:
The Club’s sympathy and condolences go to Robert’s family.

Anybody with reminiscences or information about John W Ward, Dorothy Bhonsle, Robert Ireland , Stuart E Scott or Jeremy Kitcat (Master 1975-91) while at school or afterwards is invited to send their material to Alec Crawford, Hon Sec OH Club, at for possible inclusion in the next issue of the OH Magazine.