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Visits to Rousdon

It is fully understandable that many OHs will wish to visit the Rousdon/Allhallows estate to rekindle old memories and to see what development has taken place in recent years.

Those who attended the 500th Luncheon will have heard the comments of our guest speaker , Professor John Broome who lives in the old Pavilion.

Naturally the residents wish to maintain a degree of awareness about visitors. It would therefore be appreciated if OHs wishing to arrange a visit to Rousdon would contact Judith Ellard – prior to the day of their visit .

Please remember the estate is privately owned so please keep to the roads and footpaths.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding

Kind regards Roddy Long



A Short History of Allhallows School

Copies available from:
Giles Blomfield, Woodland View, Adams Green, Halstock BA22 9SW
Price: £5.00 incl postage
Payment: by Cheque made payable to The OH Club or for on line Bank transfer apply for details to
Please note Limited copies available





500 years
-  Our big celebration  -

500th lunch 038
Photos out!
In ‘Previous OH Events’ or Click HERE




Annual General Meeting – Saturday 7th November 2015
11.15am : Annual General Meeting of the OH Club to be held at the ‘Hare & Hounds’, Putts Corner, Sidbury EX10 0QQ (From Honiton take the Sidmouth road). The Agenda together with the draft Minutes of the AGM held on 27th November 2014 can be downloaded by clicking HERE.
12.00 noon : Carvery lunch at the ‘Hare & Hounds’.
It is essential that you let Richard Bean at know if you are coming.
3.00pm: Allhallows Annual Memorial Service at St Paul’s, Honiton conducted by the Rev’d John Newton in the presence of the Deputy Lieutenant, Lt Col T K Courtenay OBE DL RM

Rifle Shooting – Sunday October 11th
At The Tunnel, Charmouth at 10.00am

Another year and another ‘shoot out’ at the OK Charmouth Tunnel where our President Roddy Long, Venning 1958 was joined by Jim Rowe, Middlemist 1966, Mike Ashworth, Shallow 1964, George Hayter, Venning 1965, Simon Gibbins Stanton 1979 and Richard Clist Stanton 1985, our host.

A good morning was spent with different guns including a .303 Lee Enfield First War rifle converted to a .22 with open sites with which no one could hit the target! Then onto .308 at 100 metres (what a noise!) for the competition resulting in a nail biting finish with a draw at 44 out of 50 for Jim Rowe and Mike Ashworth, who was given the Tom Hembrow cup as a reward for motor biking all the way from Guildford that morning (and cause he is older!)

Other scores Roddy Long – 42 Simon Gibbins – 33 and George Hayter – 28

Alec Crawford had to go on early for a drinks party!
A very good fun morning and grateful thanks to our host Richard Clist.

Next year, same time, same place Sunday 9th October 2015 – Be there.

All enquiries JHFR 07831 727886



An important message from the President, Roddy Long

The Future of the OH Club

On 15th September Roddy Long circulated a message concerning the future of the Club. This message was posted on the website, was e-mailed to some 1,550 OHs and was also posted on Facebook. The relatively few comments received in response to the message have been very supportive.

Based on the recommendations of Myf Adams’s working group and results from the questionnaire sent to OHs, the Club’s Officers have drawn up a list of proposals which is being circulated to OHs by e-mail and through the website and Facebook. These proposals will form the basis for discussion at the AGM on Saturday 7th November, after which an EGM will be convened at a later date to implement decisions if necessary.

Proposals for Discussion

1. Committee to consist of the following:

• President – to serve no more than two consecutive terms of 3 years each.
• Vice President – to serve no more than two consecutive terms of 3 years each subject to re-election at the end of the first term.
• Hon Treasurer – to serve an initial term of 3 years and then further terms of 3 years subject to re-election at the end of each term.
• Hon Secretary – to serve an initial term of 3 years and then further terms of 3 years subject to re-election at the end of each term.
• Media Secretary
• Sports Secretary
• Events Secretary
Each to serve no more than two terms of 3 years subject to re-election at the end of the first term.
• 2 elected members – each to serve no more than two terms of 3 years subject to re-election at the end of the first term.

The Media Secretary will co-ordinate all activities in respect of The OH Magazine and website, further development of the website and social media and mass communication with and between members.

The Sports Secretary will co-ordinate all OH sports activities and encourage increasing participation by OHs.

The Events Secretary will co-ordinate arrangements for all other OH events and gatherings and encourage greater participation by OHs.

Each of these secretaries will be able to appoint sub-committees of relevant people (not necessarily on the Committee) to help with the smooth running of and promotion of OH events.

It is hoped that at least two committee members, preferably more, will be under 50 years of age on election.

2. Life Vice Presidents: It is not intended, except in exceptional circumstances, that any proposal be put to an AGM for election of a new Life Vice President (LVP). LVPs will no longer be ex officio members of the Committee. However the President shall be free to invite no more than 2 LVPs to serve on the Committee at any one time, using the individual experience and knowledge that LVPs have. If invited, no LVP will serve more than 3 years.

3. Era and area representatives: OHs are spread all over the UK and also all over the world. OH events organised by the Club presently take place in London and the West of England. In the UK it is proposed that era representatives, each covering roughly a decade, and area representatives (perhaps 6 or 7) work with the Sports and Events Secretaries to arrange OH gatherings of a particular era or in a particular area, be it for golf or tennis or visiting a place of interest, concert- or theatre-going, or for a meal or pub gathering. The recent 500th Anniversary lunch threw up many examples of OHs of the same era or who lived in the same area who had not met since leaving school but who expressed a strong interest in doing so in future.

4. Overseas representatives: At the last count there were OHs in some 44 countries around the world. It is suggested that in those countries where there are more than 2 OHs a Country Representative be nominated with a view to establishing regular contact and get-togethers in whatever form and also to be a contact for any OH visiting the country either for a short or long stay.

5. Members List: Until some 10 years ago an OH Members List was published on a regular basis. This gave contact details for all OHs for whom the information was available. Issues of data protection, and cost, have prevented any such recent publication.

The Hon Sec holds a database recording all known information about an OH, including years/house at school, home and e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Two major uses of this information is to compile the annual magazine hard copy mailing list and for the distribution of e-mails, usually now in the form of OH Newsletters.

It has been proposed that there should be a ‘Members only’ section on the website, subject to a password log in, containing at least the OH database giving all the information mentioned above.

The internet is not secure and having such a database on the website would risk attention from hackers and mis-use. Simon Reading, our website expert administrator, has proposed the following system that would enable an OH to contact another OH indirectly and then it would be for the recipient to decide whether to reply.

To quote Simon:
“We would hold a centralized database of ‘members’ – comprising all the usual details. It is encrypted with a run time key (this also means the key is not stored anywhere in publicly accessible code). Databases are automatically inaccessible to the general public and only accessible via our code and systems.
Each member has their own username (normally an email: because they tend to be unique) and password: which is also encrypted (one way) – this means that we do not know the actual password – and it has to be reset by the user in case of loss based on ‘confirmation’ – usually to the member’s email.
The member decides what parts of their ‘profile’ to make public – usually we would not allow emails/phone numbers and addresses to be made public: even by the member.
If a person wishes to contact another: they will be presented with a form to enter their message: we will then take that message and email it to the recipient using internal systems. The recipient will receive the message and be directed to the site to handle the message (ignore/reply/complain about another member spamming etc). The recipient’s email address is NEVER exposed to the sender (and since we would force the recipient to go through the system to reply it does not expose the sender’s email either).
We can’t really stop either side putting their email address (or personal details) in the message – (it’s a tough one to catch but not impossible) – but that is down to their own common sense . . .
This type of system is used from the biggest to the smallest of organisations: and it’s a tried and tested method of handling this type of thing securely.”

If there is basic agreement to the introduction of such a system, the fine details will be discussed with Simon and a full proposal put to members before any final decision is made.

6. Subscriptions: It is proposed that from 1st June 2017 OHs should pay a subscription to be a member of the OH Club and that the fee should be £20 annually or £100 for life membership. Only Members of the club would receive a hard copy of The OH Magazine (if they so wished), would have access to a ‘Members only’ section of the OH website, and would be entitled to attend functions organised by the Club (unless invited as a member’s guest) and to attend and vote at Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings.

The suggestion of an annual subscription met with the almost universal approval of those who answered the questionnaire. It is recognised that some OHs, on leaving school, paid – or their parents paid – a lump sum for them to become Life Members, and there are others who are making regular payments by standing order/direct debit. Whilst we know those who are making regular payments, we have no record of who is a Life Member. It is worth noting that the cost of Life Membership on leaving school was not high and that circumstances have now changed with the closure of the School and consequent loss of new members’ subscriptions.

7. Allhallows Churchill Bursary: It is proposed that a percentage of the subscription fee (if the introduction of a subscription system is approved) be placed in the Allhallows Churchill Bursary Account in order to fund at least one bursary per year to assist the selected child or grandchild of an OH with the costs of attending a recognised university.

Information relating to the Questionnaire

A total of just under 300 replies were received to the questionnaire circulated with the 2015 OH Magazine and posted online. The following statistics in respect to specific answers are interesting.

Decade at the School:
’40-50 12.4% of replies
’50-60 18.4%
’60-70 20.6%
’70-80 24.2%
’80-90 16.8%
’90-end 7.6%

The Club to continue
97.6% of replies

£0.00 pa 8.4% of replies
£10.00 25.0%
£20.00 37.8%
£30.00 12.2%
£40.00 16.6%

OH Magazine
By post 54.2% of replies
On the web 45.8%
of those who replied by mail 76% wanted the magazine by post;
of those who replied online 78% wanted the magazine on the web.

Of those who use Social Media
50.4% use Facebook
12.1% use Twitter
33.0% use LinkedIn
4.5% use other
Many use more than one of the above

A copy of this report can be downloaded HERE




The Club has learnt of the death of Jeremy Kitcat (Master 1975-91) on 6th October. His funeral will take place at St Paul’s Chapel, Exeter Crematorium on Tuesday 20th October at 1.00pm

The Club has learnt of the death of Stuart E Scott (Stanton 1958-62) on 12th June 2015.

The Club has learnt of the death in August of Dorothy Bhonsle nee Cox.
‘Dotty’ Cox, as she was known to many, was assistant house matron and house matron at Allhallows from shortly after the end of the Second World War until the late 60s. The Club’s sympathy and condolences are extended to Dorothy’s husband and family.

The Club has also learnt of the death on 11th September of Robert Ireland (Venning ’71-75) on 11th September aged 58. A long time executive with Coca Cola, a full obituary can be found at:
The Club’s sympathy and condolences go to Robert’s family.

Anybody with reminiscences or information about Dorothy Bhonsle, Robert Ireland , Stuart E Scott or Jeremy Kitcat (Master 1975-91) while at school or afterwards is invited to send their material to Alec Crawford, Hon Sec OH Club, at for possible inclusion in the next issue of the OH Magazine.