100th Memorial of WW1

 Monday August 4th 2014

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    To commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of WW1, 1914; an event has been organised to be held at the War Memorial at the entrance to the Rousdon Estate at 2pm , Monday August 4th.  Please read the website information and I hope there will be a good contingent from the OH Club . I look forward to meeting you.

Regards. Roddy Long


Combpyne and Rousdon is preparing to remember the sacrifices and hardships of its men, women and children during the First World War.  Thirteen men who worked on the Rousdon Estate, and lived in the village or neighbouring Axmouth, were killed in that ‘war to end all wars’; for its population more men than the national average.  Nearly every family suffered, from the humble farm labourer to the blacksmith, not forgetting Sir Wilfrid Peek’s family who owned the estate.

Men from the village served in every quarter of the globe.  Many of the ‘fallen’ were killed near Ypres and others on the Somme, but some fell in Mesopotamia (Iraq), Gallipoli and on the Bulgarian front.    The pages of the parish magazine tell of hard times and difficulties: families torn apart by bereavement, the need for blackout in the church.  The story of Combpyne and Rousdon at war is a microcosm of Britain at war.

 These times will be remembered by the village in a special event on 4 August, exactly 100 years after the start of the war.   The commemoration will start around the village green at 2.00 pm with a rededication service at the war memorial, unique in that it is also a milepost.  Relatives of seven of the ‘fallen’ will attend to pay their respects.  British Legion standard bearers will attend and buglers from the Army Air Corps will sound Last Post.  The Axe Valley Community Choir, led by musical director Edward Jacobs, will lead the singing. The service will be followed by the opening of an exhibition at Peek Hall, before which a short message from the present baronet, Sir Richard Peek, will be read out. The exhibition will include the stories of the Rousdon ‘fallen’ from Roy Jones’s new book ‘For Our Tomorrow’ and will show life at home and at the front during the war.  A short talk will be given by Rousdon resident, TV historian and author, Taylor Downing.  The afternoon will end with a ‘poppy’ cream tea during which the Axe Valley Choir will lead everyone in singing songs from the trenches.  All proceeds will go to the Royal British Legion. All members of the Old Honitonians’ Club are most welcome to attend. Any questions or requests for further information should be directed to Mr. Roy Jones  tel.01297 443737.


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 1982 Leavers Anniversary W/E of reminiscences, fun, frolics in the lake District.

The reunion (2nd. August) is gathering pace, albeit slowly. Many people seem to be coming from abroad: US, Saudi, Virgin Islands etc, but we could do with encouraging more from these isles to attend. contact: allhallowsreunion@Hotmail.com  for full details


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