OH Target Shoot – Sunday 9th October 2016

The Charmouth Tunnel, Charmouth

Once again Mr. Richard Clist provided his very fine premises for the Old Honitonians annual target shoot. If anyone hasn’t been to visit and enjoyed the experience then they should. The conversion to three indoor shooting ranges 25 metres, 50 meters and 100 metres is a must to witness.

With ample quantities of coffee and biscuits available on arrival – ideal for the usual hangover (reminders of Humble Point parties the night before!) our host, together with his attractive assistant Keiron Smith, provided an introductory round of target shooting at 25 metres before we all took part in a competition shoot out at the same distance, which was won with a score of 87/100 by Simon Gibbons (Stanton 1979).

We then moved onto the 100 metres range, which is a new building put up on the road, the east side of the old tunnel. The ammunition used was a 5.56mm bullet – very noisy but thankfully we were all provided with ear defenders.

This time our “antique” sharp shooter, Tom Hembrow (Baker 1949), proved that he had lost none of his ability and won the competition with a score of 42/50 and on aggregate was declared the overall winner – congratulations Tom and you win back the cup you gave to the OH club recently, which you had received at Allhallows years ago.
Scores were as follows:-



Competitor Round 1 Round 2 Aggregate
Jim Rowe 82 38 120
Peter Phillips 72 27 99
George Hayter 8 - 8
Tom Hembrow 85 42 127 First
Roddy Long 70 29 99
Chris Bryan 86 30 116
Richard Clist 84 41 125 Second equal
Natasha Bryan 81 36 117
Dan Ng 78 38 116
Simon Gibbons 87 34 121 Third
Martin Boulden 67 - 67
James Gates 77 40 117
Simon Sworn 86 39 125 Second equal

To finish off the morning Keiron produced a very modern heavy Canon Steyr Austrian sniper rifle, which is reputed to have killed a person at 1.8 miles away. The .50 inch caliber bullet is a similar size of what had been used by Spitfires in the Second War and costs about £10 each. ‘WOW’, the noise and the blast were fantastic. We never found the target!


From left: Peter Phillips (V/Sh 58-62), Simon Gibbons (St 79-83), Chris Bryan (V 66-72), Jim Rowe M 66-71), Tom Hembrow B 49-53).

On floor: Martin Boulden (St 81-83), Simon Sworn (St 84-89), Helena Affidavit, Richard Clist (St 85-89), Natasha Bryan, Dan Ing (V 68-70), Roddy Long (V58-63)

A goodly number then adjourned to the Hunters Lodge pub for a beer and many thanks are accorded to Dan Ng, who bought the first and only round but then the exchange rate for Yuans helped!! Thanks Dan.

If you would like to enjoy this annual event come along next year Sunday 8th October 2017 at 10.00am



OH Golf

John Pagliero writes:

“Hi Everyone

Well, our Guest Day was sadly not as successful as we hoped it might have been – mostly, I believe, because many of our ‘stalwarts’ were on hols.
We had no guests at all apart from the President’s wife and my own, and in the end we numbered only 6 for the day.
Weatherwise, it was a wonderful day, however, and two friendly 3-balls were played with Sheila Long, Patrick Musters and yours truly managing a few measly points more than Vicki Pagliero, Roddy Long and Martyn Hughes…………..wine was won and duly consumed…!!
The evening was very ‘special’ and John (OH) & Gaye Armstrong looked after not only we golfers but also the members of the OH committee splendidly for our post golf victuals at their lovely pub, the White Horse in Ampfield, just as they have done in previous years.

Our next ‘date’ is the final one for the year.
It is the OHs against the Old Eastbournians and takes place at the President’s home course of West Surrey.
Now, this match is incredibly important because the OHs are 4 from 4 this year……….4 wins from all 4 matches played, with wins against The Hampshire Regiment (31/2 – 1/2), The Tortoises 21/2 -1/2) , The Old Tauntonians (3-2) and the Taunton Stand Club (2-1). Unfortunately our traditional match against the Devon Dumplings was not played this year due to the rains in the middle of the West Country golf week.
We would all love to finish the year undefeated and it is rumoured that if this were to happen we might well be included in the shortlist for ‘Team of the Year’ on SPOTY at Christmas time………………..

The details for the day are:
• Date: Tuesday October 18th
• Venue: West Surrey G.C.
• Meet at 11.45/12.00
• No pre-golf lunch or drinks are organized – so everyone will need to take care of their own requirements
• Tee-off at 12.30
• Matches to be played in 4-ball better ball format
• Post golf dinner in the clubhouse at West Surrey is arranged for c. 18.00/18.30
• Carriages: c. 19.00/19.30
• Approx. cost: £45

The names that I have down so far are:
John Bridger, Brian Clark, John Harper, Richard Heard, Martyn Hughes, Roddy Long, Kit Magrath, Patrick Musters, Jeremy Page, Paul Zealey & John Pagliero – totalling 11.
The OEs have advised us that they plan to put out a team of 12 or more – so we are looking for a few extra names to add to those above.
May I ask those listed above to confirm to me that they are actually going to play – and if any others out there would like to join us we would be more than delighted to welcome you.”



Visits to Rousdon

It is fully understandable that many OHs will wish to visit the Rousdon/Allhallows estate to rekindle old memories and to see what development has taken place in recent years.

Those who attended the 500th Luncheon will have heard the comments of our guest speaker , Professor John Broome who lives in the old Pavilion.

Naturally the residents wish to maintain a degree of awareness about visitors. It would therefore be appreciated if OHs wishing to arrange a visit to Rousdon would contact Judith Ellard – judithellard@me.com prior to the day of their visit .

Please remember the estate is privately owned so please keep to the roads and footpaths.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding

Kind regards Roddy Long



Joe Ernest Ronald Coleman
The Club has learnt of the death of Joe Ernest Ronald Coleman (Middlemist 1956-59) on 2nd October. A Thanksgiving Service for Joe’s life will be held on Friday 21st October at 2.30pm at St John the Evangelist Church, Tincleton, near Dorchester. The Club extends its sympathy and condolences to the family.

Tom Vaughan at the 500th lunchThomas James Vaughan

The Club has learnt from his widow, Laurie, of Tom’s death on 1st July aged 92.
Laurie writes :
“Tom died with all his family round him and at the home he designed and had built in 2007 in Emsworth in the veggie garden of our old home 19, King Street. He was so proud to be at the 500 year anniversary with one of our sons. He loved his time at the school, first Honiton and then Rousdon and was called up in 1942 from school to go into the Navy. When he left the Navy he went into advertising and finished up his working life as Deputy Chairman and part owner of Lonsdales where he had been responsible for all Abbey National’s advertising ( including “The Abbey Habit”). He was a happy man and loved his sailing and was Commodore for 2 Clubs. Our 2 sons and 1 daughter and I
miss him enormously with his big grin and enormous zest for life.”

The Club extends its deepest sympathy and condolences to Laurie and the family.

Michael John Bernard Koppel
The Club has learnt of the death of Father Michael Koppel on 18th May 2016. A Requiem Mass will be held on Thursday 26th May at 11.30am in St Mary’s RC Church, Lyme Road, Axminster. The Club’s sympathy and condolences are extended to Michael’s family and friends.

Arthur John Dimond
The Club has learnt of the death of Arthur Dimond on 4th April 2016. Arthur went to Allhallows in 1934 in Honiton, made the move to Rousdon in 1938 and left in 1940. A Honitonian all his life, Arthur was involved in and associated with many aspects of Honiton life. He was a Councillor, Deputy Mayor and Mayor of Honiton Town Council 1980-84; a Churchwarden and Chair of the Church Restoration Fund at St Paul’s Church; Secretary, Captain and President of the Honiton Bowling Club 1946-2016 as well as being President of the Devon Bowling Association and actively associated with more than a dozen other organisations. The Club’s sympathy and condolences are extended to Arthur’s family.

Brigadier Nigel Speller MBE
The Club has learnt with sadness of the death of Brigadier Nigel Speller MBE OH on Wednesday 9th March.
A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday 14th May at 12.30pm at St Andrew’s Church, Colyton to which OHs are invited.
Nigel was an Army officer, Churchwarden, Lay Reader and a great supporter of the OH Club. He was a Governor of Allhallows for a number of years, was of considerable assistance in enabling the Allhallows Memorial Chapel to be established at St Michael’s Church, Honiton and conducted the annual Memorial Service in St Michael’s for 10 years and subsequently in St Paul’s, Honiton.
The Club’s sympathy and condolences are extended to his children, Nicholas and Charlotte.


Anybody with reminiscences or information about Tom Vaughan, Arthur Dimond or Nigel Speller while at school or afterwards is invited to send their material to Alec Crawford, Hon Sec OH Club, at ohclub@btinternet.com for possible inclusion in the next issue of the OH Magazine.