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Appeal for Organist
On Saturday 3rd November at 2.30pm we have the Annual Allhallows Memorial Service in St Paul’s Honiton.
For the last 11 years Vernon Burchell OH (Chudleigh ’52-56) has been our organist at the service but he has now retired and we are very grateful to him for his many years at the keyboard.
We are now looking for a new organist for the service on 3rd November. The service is quite straight forward with four well known hymns.
Is there an OH organist who would like to play at the November service? If you would like a briefing from Vernon I will put you in touch.
Please let me know as soon as you can if you are interested.

Alec Crawford
Hon Sec
OH Club



OH War Memorial Boards
After the closure of the school in 1998 the War Memorial Boards and other furnishings and artifacts were moved from the school Chapel at Rousdon to St Michael's Church, Honiton where they were re-dedicated in September 2000.

St Michael's closed initially for the winter months and then permanently four years ago. Since the closure discussions have been ongoing with the Rector of St Paul's, Honiton and the PCC, who are still responsible for St Michael's, about re-locatiing the Memorial Boards to St Paul's. Unfortunately it has proved very difficult to reach agreement on a suitable location in St Paul's where the Boards could be easily seen. Furthermore the Rector and PCC stipulated that the Boards would have to be remounted in a simple frame requiring the removal of the ornate carving at the top of the Boards. Considering that the WW1 Boards are nearly 100 years old and the WW2 Boards some 70 years old we were reluctant to agree to a major change in the look of the Boards.

At a recent meeting with the Rector and one of the Church Wardens in St Paul's agreement was finally reached on a location for the Boards but it was necessary to agree that they would be remounted in a simple frame. The location of the Boards will be on adjacent walls on the stairs to the gallery. Whilst the location is not ideal, the Boards will be visible at a height that will enable the names to be read. The Rector's agreement was endorsed by the PCC at their meeting on 26th July. Attached is a graphic design showing how the boards will look in their new location, for which we are grateful to Daisy Patsianas, a former Churchill Bursary recipient.

James Verner OH, maker of fine furniture, has agreed to do the necessary work to the Boards to make them suitable for hanging in St Paul's and it is expected that this will be complete by mid October enabling them to be re-dedicated in their new permanent position at the Annual Allhallows Memorial Service in St Paul’s on Saturday 3rd November at 2.30pm

The total cost of work to the Boards, hanging in St Paul’s and the Doicesan administration charges for approving the removal from St Michael’s and relocating to St Paul’s is expected be in the region of £4,000 and OHs are invited to contribute towards this cost by sending cheques to David Richardson, 4 Bournewood Drive, Bournemouth BH4 9JP. Alternatively payment may be made by bank transfer to:
Lloyds Bank
Sort Code: 30-90-49
A/C No 01622398
Please make reference to ‘Memorial Appeal’

A separate Newsletter will be issued shortly concerning the disposal of other items in St Michael’s.

Alec Crawford
Hon Sec
OH Club




Fixtures 2018

What When Where
Target Shooting Sunday 7th October 10.00am
new date to be advised
Charmouth Tunnel

For more details contact: James Rowe

November 3rd Saturday
Allhallows Annual Memorial Service
2.30pm at St Paul’s Church Honiton
Carvery Lunch before at The Hare & Hounds, Putts Corner, Sidbury EX10 0QQ at 12.00 noon for 12.30pm
Enquiries to David Richardson or the Hon Sec

November 28th Wednesday
Annual General Meeting And Reception
The RAC Club, London from 6.00pm – Enquiries to the Hon Sec
Free party this year! For 2018 only there will be no charge for OHs attending the 7pm drinks reception that follows the AGM.
Free entry also applies to up to one guest with each OH.





(Draft) Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Held on Wednesday 29th November 2017
At the RAC, London.

Apologies: Apologies for absence had been received from 14 OHs

1. President’s Welcome: In welcoming the rather smaller gathering than in recent years, 14 being present, the President highlighted the successful golf season organised by John Pagliero and the clay and target shooting organised by Jim Rowe and Richard Clyst, to all of whom thanks were due. The President mentioned that there was a full programme of golf matches arranged for 2018 including the Golf Week in late June/early July and also a short golfing break in Cornwall. The President noted the good response for donations to the Devon & Dorsets Memorial appeal, the unveiling of the Memorial having taken place in September with a number of OHs present. The President noted that after the appointment of ERAs, events and gatherings were taking place but he suspected that they were not being reported widely. Finally, the President, in reminding that neither he nor the Hon Secretary nor the Hon Treasurer would be standing for re-election at the end of their terms in 2018, was happy to report that OHs had come forward to fill all three posts.

2. Minutes of the last Meeting: The Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 29th November 2016 were approved and signed by the President.

3. Election of Officers and Committee members: The President advised that at the Committee meeting held earlier in the afternoon the following, having agreed to stand, and having been proposed and seconded, were put forward to the AGM for election for terms of 3 years commencing from the AGM to be held in 2018:
President: Peter Sloan
Hon. Secretary: Tim Birmingham
Hon. Treasurer: David Richardson

The three Officers were unanimously elected en bloc.

Also at the Committee meeting the following, having been proposed and seconded, were put forward for re- election/election to the Committee at the AGM for terms of 3 years:
Myf Adams
John Pagliero
John Clarke
Martin Boulden
The four members were unanimously elected en bloc.
The President mentioned that David Richardson would be taking over the
accounts following the end of the Club’s financial year at 31st May 2018.
Also David Richardson had agreed to continue in his role of West Country Co-ordinator concurrent with becoming Hon Treasurer.

4. Treasurer’s Report: The Hon Treasurer, Robin Gray, had tabled the annual accounts for the year ended 31st May 2017 and noted that there had been a small profit for the year. He particularly pointed out that under Sundry Receipts two donations towards the cost of moving the Memorial Boards had been received and these would be held pending the launching of an appeal.
The Annual accounts were unanimously approved for forwarding to the AGM.

5. OH Magazine: The Editor, George Hayter, highlighted the features of the 2018 magazine, including the listing of all OHs for whom no mailing address was available in the hope that contact can be re-established. It was hoped to distribute the magazine early in January 2018.

6. War Memorial Boards: Alec Crawford gave an update on the long running attempts to have the Memorial Boards, now in St Michael’s Church, Honiton, hung in St Paul’s Church. He mentioned that Daisy Patsianas, a Churchill Bursary recipient, had prepared excellent proposals for the design of new boards if these became necessary but investigations were under way to see if the present boards could be adapted so as to be acceptable to the Vicar and PCC of St Paul’s and in this respect James Verner OH, renowned furniture maker, had offered his assistance. Members expressed considerable frustration at the apparent intransigence surrounding the re-positioning of the Boards.

7. West Country Lunch: David Richardson confirmed that the 2018 Lunch would be held on Saturday 12th May 2018 and after the successful lunch in 2017, he was looking for an even larger attendance.

8. Any other business: The President mentioned that at the Committee meeting Seb Warner had drawn attention to new rules concerning data protection that were being introduced in May 2018. In order to comply with these rules it would be necessary to ask all OHs to give their individual consent to their details being held on the database, to their receiving communications from the Club by e-mail or by ordinary mail and to their details being passed to other OHs on a request basis. The Hon Secretary would be progressing this matter early in 2018.

9. Date and Place of next meeting: Wednesday 28th November 2018 at 6.00pm at the RAC, London


Visits to Rousdon

It is fully understandable that many OHs will wish to visit the Rousdon/Allhallows estate to rekindle old memories and to see what development has taken place in recent years.

Those who attended the 500th Luncheon will have heard the comments of our guest speaker , Professor John Broome who lives in the old Pavilion.

Naturally the residents wish to maintain a degree of awareness about visitors. It would therefore be appreciated if OHs wishing to arrange a visit to Rousdon would contact Judith Ellard – prior to the day of their visit .

Please remember the estate is privately owned so please keep to the roads and footpaths.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding

Kind regards Roddy Long



Colin Leslie Harrison (Master 52 – 65)
The Club has learnt of the death on 21st July of Colin Harrison at the age of 94. The sympathy and condolences of the Club go to Rosemary and his three sons.

Jeremy John CHURCHER (St 54-58)
The Club has learnt of the death of Jeremy Churcher, known to many as Jerry, aged 77 at his home in France on 18th July just a week before he was to have had a heart pacemaker fitted. There will be a service of benediction for Jerry on Tuesday 24th July at 10.30am at the village church in Masclat near Souillac in the Dordogne.

Gyles Robert Russell CHAPMAN.
The Club has heard from his nephew of the death of Gyles Chapman on 1st April 2018 aged 72. The Club’s sympathy and condolences go to Gyles’s extended family.

David William John HILLIER (M ’46-50)
The Club has learnt of the death of David Hillier on Saturday 7th July at his home in France. David was a staunch supporter of the OH Club. There will be a private cremation. The Club’s sympathy and condolences are extended to his family.

Maurteen Malius Elliot CATER (S ’53-59)
The Club has learnt of the death of Maurteen (commonly pronounced as ‘Martin’) Cater on 2nd June after a long illness. The condolences and sympathy of The Club go to Martin’s family.

Edward Roy Hawtin HONNOR (B/C 40-43)
The Club has learnt of the death of Roy Honnor on 31st May 2018. Roy was a Triple Colour and won a number of school prizes during his time at Allhallows. The sympathy and condolences of the Club go to his family.

Timothy Holgate (C/V 60-65)
The Club has learnt of the death of Tim Holgate on 3rd February 2018 after a long illness. The Club’s condolences and sympathy go to his wife, Ann and family.

Ian Ralph (Bo) Henderson (St ’39-44)
The Club has recently heard from his brother, Bill, that Bo died on 7th January 2018.
The Club extends condolences and sympathy to Bo’s brother, his two sons and three grandchildren.

Alan Derek John Lovejoy (V ’69-74)
The Club has learnt from his Uncle, Max Utting, that Alan passed away on 17th February following a series of serious health issues. Alan will be remembered at Allhallows as a very good rifle shot, being in the school Bisley team for 5 years, 1970-74.
Alan’s funeral will take place on Thursday 8th March at 3.00pm at St Mary’s Church, Godstone, Surrey. Mr Utting can be contacted at for further details. The Club’s sympathy and condolences are extended to Max’s family.

Rachel Blackburne-Kane
The Club has learnt of the death on 20th January of Rachel Blackburn-Kane. Rachel was the widow of Geoffrey Blackburn-Kane C.B.E (Chudleigh 1934-44) and known to many OHs as Geoffrey’s wife and mother of Josephine (M 1973-75). A celebration of Rachel’s life is being held at Basingstoke Crematorium on Monday 5th February at 4.15pm and friends/guests may like to wear colour as Rachel would wish. The Club extends its sympathy and condolences to Rachel’s family.

Jean Shaw
The Club has learnt of the death of Jeanette Ellen Shaw, always known as Jean, on 20th December 2017. Jean came to Allhallows in 1973 as the Bursar’s secretary but quickly became involved in the whole range of matters that came through the Bursar’s office. Popular with both staff and pupils, Jean witnessed the traumatic times that the school went through but stayed until the college finally closed in December 1998. The Club’s sympathy and condolences go out to Jean’s family

Anybody with reminiscences or information about our missed comrades listed in the obituaries, while at school or afterwards is invited to send their material to Alec Crawford, Hon Sec OH Club, at for possible inclusion in the next issue of the OH Magazine.