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Bruce Taylor granted an honorary citizenship

 On Feb. 6, the Seoul Metropolitan Government granted an honorary citizenship to Mr. Bruce Taylor , an 87-year American, who was born in Seoul in 1919 and spent his childhood here before his family was deported to the United States in 1942.

His family seems to have a karma relation with Korea. His grandfather Alexander Taylor worked a gold mine in Pyeonganbuk-do, the northern province of Korea, and died in 1908. He was buried in the Seoul Foreigners' Cemetery in Yanghwajin, Seoul.

Bruce Taylor OH ii
Joyce Taylor, Bruce Taylor, Mayor of Seoul, Jennifer(Daughter)

 His father Albert Taylor was a UPI correspondent during the Japanese invasion of Korea. He tried to let the world know Korea's effort to become independent from Japan, which forced his family to leave Korea by the Japanese police during the 1942 Pacific War. He was buried died in Yanghwajin, too, according to his will. He died from heart disease 6 years after the deportation.

Mr. Bruce Taylor donated 17 historically important photos of Seoul to the city government, which were inherited from his father. The photos show Seoul City Hall, Dongdaemun (Gate) and Tapgol Park in the 1920s as well as King Gojong's funeral ceremony. Those pictures will be displayed in the Seoul Museum of History.

Bruce Taylor OH
          Showing pictures to the Mayor

 With his wife and daughter, Bruce Taylor visited Seoul 66 years after leaving Korea. They visited the house where he used to live, Seoul Foreigners' Cemetery, where his grandfather and father were laid to rest, and Jeamri Memorial Hall. Mr.Taylor said he was deeply impressed by the development and changes of Seoul .

A special documentary on the story of the Taylor's love for Korea will be aired in KBS on March 1 with the title "The Country of My Father." This film will also be screened at an International film festival that will be held in Mendocino, California, this coming May.

Bruce Taylor OH iii
Joyce, Bruce, Jennifer at grave of his Father & Grandfather in Seoul.

The city government is, meanwhile, planning to designate the Taylor's old house, built in 1923, and Seoul Foreigners' Cemetery in Yanghwajin, as cultural properties. The house, located in Haengsin-dong, Seoul, reflects Korea's modern architecture style.

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