HM Shallow


(From Allhallows School Magazine March 1948)

 BEFORE this number appears Mr. Shallow will have left us to take up residence at the Downs School, Wraxall .

He leaves us in the knowledge that the School he brought from Honiton ten years ago has settled down in its new home at Rousdon, and with each year has won increasing recognition, so that today its future is manifestly assured. It is indisputable that his main objective has been achieved. But more than that: He saw Allhallows not only as a School but also as a family, and by his quiet, almost paternal influence and persuasive guidance he created the atmosphere in which a generous family spirit might grow, permeating both Study and Common Room and giving the School its distinctive character.


On behalf of the School we should like here to thank him for all he has done for our welfare and happiness in the past, and to extend to him and to Mrs. Shallow our best wishes for their happiness in the future.

We cordially welcome our new Headmaster, Mr. V. A. L. Hill, and Mrs. Hill, who join us at the beginning of the summer term. We hasten to assure them that the special brand of fog we are reputed to

cultivate is purely climatic and not one of an obscurantist nature. Flashes of enlightenment have been known on occasions to penetrate our cloud- capped towers, and friendship and goodwill, they will discover, flourish here at all seasons.

As they enter on their new life at Allhallows, the School wishes them success and happiness in I he task they are about to undertake and offers them loyal no- operation in the work that lies ahead.

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