Memories of 1948-53












Alasdair Carnegie. 2010

Footnote by Brian Ware

I enjoyed the article by Alasdair. He reminds me of my ambition which was to get out of cross country runs which I seem to have done successfully. I am sending a hard copy to Bob Williamson who I worked with for some years in the travel industry. He was a keen runner and was in Shallow from 53. His father was an army doctor captured at Dunkirk who met up with Major Jones in a prisoner of War Camp. Jones said "send your son to Allhallows and I'll look after him!" Dr Williamson returned to UK and became a successful GP. I think he had also been in Colditz. Good training for Rousdon! I also remember the log cutting. The hardest thing was finding dead wood to cut. On occasions we resorted to cutting down small trees then trying to make them look dead! Not very successfully.


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