2006, Get-Together of 1971 Leavers

There was a gathering of the 1971 leavers this year at the Burley Manor Hotel in the New Forest.  This was a quieter meeting than some in the recent past, but we still managed to sit down to dinner on the Saturday night with 22.
Amongst those present were Richard Anderson, organizer, Peter Sloan, John Clause, Steve Bath, Myf Adams (née Gregson) Diana Davis (née Fitzgerald) and of course our wives, husbands and partners who we now consider to be very
much part of the group.
We all met up on Friday night for an informal dinner and a very latenight, and then Saturday was a wonderful day on Steve Bath’s boat. We managed to consume a number of bottles of champagne, which we had brought along for a surprise for the girls. A very good dinner followed at the hotel and then a
few bottles of port later!

Steve Bath, Richard Anderson, Myf Adams (nee Gregson), Peter Sloan

On Sunday morning we had been invited to take a flight with Steve in his light aircraft and we flew out to take a look at Allhallows from the air. There seem to be a great number of changes and we almost had to discourage Steve from
landing on the main drive! He never changes! After 'attacking ' a few of our famous landmarks around the School we returned to Hurn airport.

This was another wonderful weekend meeting old friends and just carrying on the laughter that we all remembered from many years ago.  I cannot emphasise how important our partners are to all of the proceedings and I often find myself talking to a partner and saying 'of course you remember Harry Aggar's path only to realise they never attended the
If you have not managed to organise a get-together of your year, do it in 2007.  It is very simple and you will be amazed how the word spreads and the numbers increase.  Go to the Burley Manor Hotel in the New Forest. The food is excellent and the surroundings are very 'Allhallows' and they are totally
geared up for our type of function. You will not regret the effort or the place and I look forward to reading about your weekend!  

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