(Draft) Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Held on Held on Wednesday 29th November 2017
At the RAC, London.

Apologies: Apologies for absence had been received from 14 OHs

1. President’s Welcome: In welcoming the rather smaller gathering than in recent years, 14 being present, the President highlighted the successful golf season organised by John Pagliero and the clay and target shooting organised by Jim Rowe and Richard Clyst, to all of whom thanks were due. The President mentioned that there was a full programme of golf matches arranged for 2018 including the Golf Week in late June/early July and also a short golfing break in Cornwall. The President noted the good response for donations to the Devon & Dorsets Memorial appeal, the unveiling of the Memorial having taken place in September with a number of OHs present. The President noted that after the appointment of ERAs, events and gatherings were taking place but he suspected that they were not being reported widely. Finally, the President, in reminding that neither he nor the Hon Secretary nor the Hon Treasurer would be standing for re-election at the end of their terms in 2018, was happy to report that OHs had come forward to fill all three posts.

2. Minutes of the last Meeting: The Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 29th November 2016 were approved and signed by the President.

3. Election of Officers and Committee members: The President advised that at the Committee meeting held earlier in the afternoon the following, having agreed to stand, and having been proposed and seconded, were put forward to the AGM for election for terms of 3 years commencing from the AGM to be held in 2018:
President:Peter Sloan
Hon. Secretary: Tim Birmingham
Hon. Treasurer: David Richardson

The three Officers were unanimously elected en bloc.

Also at the Committee meeting the following, having been proposed and seconded, were put forward for re- election/election to the Committee at the AGM for terms of 3 years:
Myf Adams
John Pagliero
John Clarke
Martin Boulden
The four members were unanimously elected en bloc.
The President mentioned that David Richardson would be taking over the accounts following the end of the Club’s financial year at 31st May 2018.
Also David Richardson had agreed to continue in his role of West Country Co-ordinator concurrent with becoming Hon Treasurer.

4. Treasurer’s Report: The Hon Treasurer, Robin Gray, had tabled the annual accounts for the year ended 31st May 2017 and noted that there had been a small profit for the year. He particularly pointed out that under Sundry Receipts two donations towards the cost of moving the Memorial Boards had been received and these would be held pending the launching of an appeal.
The Annual accounts were unanimously approved for forwarding to the AGM.

5. OH Magazine: The Editor, George Hayter, highlighted the features of the 2018 magazine, including the listing of all OHs for whom no mailing address was available in the hope that contact can be re-established. It was hoped to distribute the magazine early in January 2018.

6. War Memorial Boards: Alec Crawford gave an update on the long running attempts to have the Memorial Boards, now in St Michael’s Church, Honiton, hung in St Paul’s Church. He mentioned that Daisy Patsianas, a Churchill Bursary recipient, had prepared excellent proposals for the design of new boards if these became necessary but investigations were under way to see if the present boards could be adapted so as to be acceptable to the Vicar and PCC of St Paul’s and in this respect James Verner OH, renowned furniture maker, had offered his assistance. Members expressed considerable frustration at the apparent intransigence surrounding the re-positioning of the Boards.

7. West Country Lunch: David Richardson confirmed that the 2018 Lunch would be held on Saturday 12th May 2018 and after the successful lunch in 2017, he was looking for an even larger attendance.

8. Any other business: The President mentioned that at the Committee meeting Seb Warner had drawn attention to new rules concerning data protection that were being introduced in May 2018. In order to comply with these rules it would be necessary to ask all OHs to give their individual consent to their details being held on the database, to their receiving communications from the Club by e-mail or by ordinary mail and to their details being passed to other OHs on a request basis. The Hon Secretary would be progressing this matter early in 2018.

9. Date and Place of next meeting: Wednesday 28th November 2018 at 6.00pm at the RAC, London
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