2010, Canal Walk

It was a glorious May day on Saturday the 15th, 2010, the colours were vibrant and the views glorious as we meandered our way along the canal. Nine of us started the walk from the Tithe Barn at Bradford on Avon, and we were joined by two more at the Pub having started a little later.

Canal 1  Canal 2  Canal 3  Canal 13

The Scenery was always changing from lush green valleys to wooded hillsides. The river Avon came close and the railway even closer. We passed over a couple of aquaducts and paused to look at the views of the river and water below all so brightly lit by a blue sky with a few clouds which made it a perfect day for the seven mile walk to lunch at the Pub at Bathampton.

We had a few drinks at the Pub then off to a narrow boat moored close by for lunch.

Canal 4  Canal 5  Canal 6  Canal 14

Feeling refreshed we continued on to Bath, past a majestic house and neat back gardens, along  dark tunnels and out to pause at one of the few locks where we waited until the boats past through.

Canal 7  Canal 8  Canal 9  2010 Canal 15  2010 Canal 17

After a couple of miles we got a train from Bath Spa back to Bradford on Avon. Thanks were given, hands shaked and we returned to our cars having had much to enjoy.

Canal 10  Canal 11  Canal 12  2010 Canal 16  2010 Canal 18

Those on the walk: Vernon & Judith Burchell, Giles & Gru Blomfield, Jeremy & Katie Owen, David & Sussie Richardson, Eddie Channon & Maureen Rowcliffe Quarry and Dominic Naish


Dominic Naish.

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