2012 AGM & Reunion

Minute of the Annual General Meeting of the Old Honitonians Club held on Thursday 29th November 2012 at the RAC, London.

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1. Present: The President, Vice Presidents, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary, Committee members and some 40 OHs.
Apologies received from 15 OHs.

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 2. Opening Remarks: Roddy Long, President, welcomed all present  and said that it had been a successful year on the sporting front despite the weather, of which only the cricket had been a casualty. Some excellent golf matches had been played for which John Harper and Richard White deserved thanks. A day’s clay pigeon shooting at Evershot and a day on the indoor ranges in the old Charmouth tunnel had revealed that there were still some good shots amongst OHs and Roddy thanked Jim Rowe and Richard Clist for arranging the two events. Unfortunately rain claimed the cricket match against the Devon Dumplings at Sidmouth. Roddy said that as usual the West Country lunch at the Belmont Hotel, Sidmouth was a full house with an excellent talk by Jeremy Churcher OH.

Roddy drew attention to a painting of Allhallows, exhibited at the meeting, by Michael Slade who lives at North Lodge, Rousdon. The picture is being used as the front cover of the 2012 Magazine and prints are available for sale at £30.00 each.

Roddy also told members of the forthcoming sale of ‘Fred Turvy’s hut’ at Rousdon, with the hope of planning permission, together with the cricket pitch field, and also of Devon Wildlife’s intention to purchase the Undercliff land  to the east of the mansion including Charton Goyle  and Charton Bay beach with the intention of the area becoming a nature reserve.

Roddy welcomed Seb Warner having returned from a year in Hong Kong and who was standing for election as a Vice President. He also welcomed George Hayter who had been co-opted to the Committee and was standing for election. George was shadowing Giles Blomfield in the production of the 2013 Magazine and would take over as Editor for 2014 onwards.

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3. Minutes of the Meeting held on 24th November 2011.
Proposed by Giles Blomfield and seconded by Mike Shaw, the Minutes were approved and signed by the President.

 4. Matters Arising:
Covered under individual  agenda heading.

5. Election of Officers and Committee Members:
The following having been duly proposed and seconded, were unanimously elected:


Roddy Long    
Proposer:      Alec Crawford,
Seconder James Rowe

Vice presidents:                         

Giles Blomfield
Proposer:      Andy Moore
Seconder:     Alec Crawford
Tim Birmingham                                       
Proposer:       Roddy Long
Seconder:      Giles Blomfield
Seb Warner                                               
Proposer:       Roddy Long
Seconder:      Tim Birmingham

Hon Secretary:                               

Alec Crawford                               
Proposer:       James Rowe
Seconder:      Andy Moore

Hon Treasurer:                              

Robin Grey                                    
Proposer:        Roddy Long
Seconder:      Alec Crawford

London Social Secretary:           

John Clark                                   
Proposer:       Henry House
Seconder:     Giles Blomfield


George Hayter                                         
Proposer:      Giles Blomfield
Seconder:      Alec Crawford

6. Treasurer’s Report:  
Robin Grey, in submitting the accounts for the year ended 31st May 2012, drew attention to the very generous single donations received in each of the last two years which had made up a substantial part of the Club’s income but could not be relied upon in future years. The production of the magazine and the cost of the AGM were the two major items of expenditure and Robin pointed out that as the Club continued to operate on an annual deficit basis, the total funds were being gradually reduced. He therefore requested that all those who make donations to the Club by standing order/direct debit consider increasing their donation and those that do not do so at present were asked to consider setting up a Direct Debit in favour of the Club.

Proposed by Roger Wheeler and seconded by Brian Clark, the accounts for the year ended 31st May 2012 were unanimously approved

7. New Rules:
The Hon Secretary said that the Club’s Rules had last been revised in 1999 and it had been unanimously agreed by the Committee that a revised set of Rules should be put to the AGM for approval. The major changes proposed concern the terms of office of Officers and Committee members. It was proposed that these  be three years for the first term with subsequent terms of three years, subject to a maximum of three for the President and Vice Presidents and two for Committee members.It was also proposed that the annual accounts of the Club should be ‘examined by a suitably competent person’ rather than having a full audit. It was also proposed that provision be made for the possible future introduction of a subscription for membership, rather than payments being made as donations, in order that there is a more clearly identifiable stream of income to the Club. However, it was stressed that the Committee had no immediate intention of introducing subscriptions.

 Mr Andrew Hamilton proposed that the term of office of Officers and Committee members should be two years rather than three and that the question of making provision for a subscription should be deferred for at least a year. As there was no seconders for his proposal, Mr Hamilton withdrew it.

Proposed by Alec Crawford and seconded by Roger Wheeler, the new Rules were approved without dissent.

8. Allhallows Churchill Bursary:
Alec Crawford reported that 7 very good applications had been received for an award in 2012 with Ella Milburn, grand daughter of Andy Moore OH, being the successful candidate. Ella is reading Spanish and Japanese at Manchester University.

 Alec pointed out that if an award is made in 2013 at the prevailing level, the Bursary fund would be exhausted. He recalled that the Bursary had originally been established in the early 1960s, the rules had been amended in 2005 to enable the children and grand children of OHs going on to any recognised university to qualify and since 2000 15 awards had been made.

9.  West Country Report:
Roddy said that a memorial plaque commemorating the opening of the cricket pavilion at Rousdon as a war memorial  had been unveiled on 3rd November by Nigel Speller (OH) and this had been followed by lunch at the Hare & Hounds, Gittisham and the Allhallows Memorial Service in St Paul’s, Honiton. The future of St Michael’s, Honiton, within which is the Allhallows Memorial Chapel , is still uncertain and a search for a new home for the artifacts in the chapel continues

Myf Adams is arranging an OH Tennis tournament at Leweston School near Sherborne on Saturday 11th May which Roddy hopes will be well supported.
The West Country Lunch in 2013 will be held on Saturday 18th May at the Belmont Hotel, Sidmouth and it is hoped that a cricket match with the Devon Dumplings at Sidmouth can be arranged during the summer.

10. Magazine and Website:
Giles Blomfield reported that the 2013 Magazine, which he hoped would be distributed during January 2013, would be printed by Martin Boulden OH, who had submitted a very competitive cost quotation. Giles was very appreciative of those who had agreed to advertise in the magazine and thus considerably reducing the net cost... Giles announced that George Hayter would be taking over as Editor of the magazine for the 2014 issue and George proposed a vote of thanks to Giles for all the good work that he had done and this was greeted with acclaim.

Roddy reported that a sub committee, lead by Tim Birmingham, would be looking at updating the OH Website and reviewing the site management.

11.  500th Anniversary:
Roddy reported that whilst the exact date of the foundation of Allhallows could not be accurately determined, there was no doubt that the school was in existence in the early 16th Century. It was therefore proposed to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the formation of Allhallows with a function, probably a lunch, to be held in the second half of September 2015 in London. A sub committee is working on arrangements and members would be kept advised.

 12. Next meeting:
The 2013 Annual General Meeting will be held at the RAC, London on Thursday 28th November 2013 at 6.00pm.

Alec Crawford, Hon Sec

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