2011 AGM & Reunion

The RAC in London was the venue for the 2011 AGM and Reunion held on Thursday 24th November.  Some 60 OHs, wives, husbands and partners attended the AGM and/ or the reception that followed. The Hon Sec was particularly pleased to meet two OHs that he had not seen since leaving school some 51 years ago.

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Minutes (draft) of the Annual General Meeting of the Old Honitonians Club held on Thursday 24th November at the RAC, London.

Present: The President, Vice-president, Hon Treasurer, Hon Sec, Committee members and some 45 OHs.

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Opening Remarks: Roddy Long, President, welcomed the assembled company and said that he was particularly pleased with the increased numbers of OHs that were attending or taking part in the various activities throughout the year. Roddy paid tribute to Giles Blomfield who had overseen the production of an excellent 2011 Magazine and to Mike Shaw who was retiring after five years as Hon Treasurer but who would be standing for election to the Committee. Robin Grey had valiantly volunteered to take over as Hon Treasurer, subject to his election during the meeting, and Roddy expressed his gratitude to Robin.
Roddy thanked all those who put in so much effort to ensure that the OH sporting activities were enjoyed by many. John Harper with Richard White and John Hunt had arranged a very good programme of golf matches whilst Jim Rowe had strived to ensure enjoyable days target and clay pigeon shooting, the former at The Tunnel, Charmouth where Richard Clist (OH) was our host, and the latter at Evershot for the Tory Trophy between the OHs and former pupils of Milton Abbey and Millfield. From small beginnings it is hoped that the Tory Trophy will develop into a larger event in the coming years. A number of OHs shot clays at the ABF the Soldiers Charity Clay Shoot at Larkhill thanks to Brig David Shaw’s (OH) co-ordination. Seb Warner and Phil Tuck put together a strong team for the cricket match against the Devon Dumplings at Bradninch, winning the match with Phil Tick scoring 60+.
Roddy paid tribute to Tim Birmingham and Richard Bean, West Country Secretary, for organising an excellent West Country lunch at the Belmont, Sidmouth in May in honour of Derek Blooman marking his retirement as Hon Sec and an association with Allhallows and OHs stretching back over 50 years. More than 100 people enjoyed a buffet lunch during which Derek was presented with an oil painting by Alfred Leyman (1856 – 1933) who taught art at Allhallows from 1893 to 1931, together with a cheque which Derek announced would be used for the purchase of a computer.
Talking about the OH Magazine, Roddy appealed to those who were happy to read it on the OH website to let the Hon Sec know. Whilst there was every intention to continue producing a hard copy version, the cost of production and particularly postage was constantly increasing. OHs living overseas were to be canvassed to ask them to accept the website version because postage of the hard copy can be £3.00 or more to many countries.

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1. Apologies: Received from 22 OHs.

2. Minutes of the Meeting held on 25th November 2010: Proposed by Roger Wheeler and seconded by Giles Blomfield, the Minutes were approved without dissent and signed by the President.

3. Matters Arising: Covered under individual agenda headings.

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4. Elections: The following, duly proposed and seconded, were unanimously elected on the proposal of Roger Wheeler and seconded by Stephen Dales.


 President:                            Roddy Long                   Proposed by:                Roger Wheeler   
     Seconded by:   James Rowe
 Vice presidents:  Giles Blomfield  Proposed by:  Nigel French
     Seconded by:   Andy Moore
 Hon Secretary:  Alec Crawford  Proposed by:  Mike Shaw
     Seconded by:  Rosemary Sidwell
 Hon Treasurer:  Robin Grey  Proposed by:  Roddy Long
     Seconded by:  Alec Crawford
 London Social Secretary:  John Clark  Proposed by:  Henry House
     Seconded by:  Seb Warner
 West Country Secretary:  Richard Bean  Proposed by:  Brian Ware
     Seconded by:  Rosemary Sidwell
 Committee:  Myfanwy Adams  Proposed by:  Giles Blomfield
     Seconded by:  Alec Crawford
   Diana Davis  Proposed by:  Alec Crawford
     Seconded by:  Giles Blomfield
   Michael Shaw:  Proposed by:  Roddy Long
     Seconded by:  Alec Crawford
   Richard White  Proposed by:  Roddy Long
     Seconded by:  Derek Blooman


The President particularly welcomed Tim Birmingham as a Vice-President, Myfanwy Adams, Diana Davis, Richard White and Michael Shaw, on his retirement as Hon Treasurer, as new Committee members.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Mike Shaw confirmed that the Annual Accounts for the year ended 31st May 2011 had been reviewed by Thomas Westcott, Chartered Accountants, and found to be in order. With a small deficit for the year (£-422), the General Fund stood at £19,494 at year end. Banking arrangements had been reviewed in order to identify whether income from interest could be increased but the conclusion was that there would be no benefit in making changes at this time.
Mike Shaw pointed out that the budget for the year ending 31st may 2012 showed a deficit of £4,072 primarily because he could only budget for a minimal income from single donations. Proposed by Brian Clark and seconded by Robin Grey, the Accounts were approved.

6. Allhallows Churchill Bursary: Alec Crawford reported that although there had been 9 enquiries about bursary applications only five full applications hade been received. The Trustees had been unanimous in awarding a Bursary to Harriet Humphries, daughter of Nickie Humphries OH (née Thurgood), to read Geography at Newcastle. Allowing for all commitments made, the Bursary fund now stood at about £25,000. Mr Andrew Watson (OH) took the opportunity to thank the Trustees for the award of a Bursary to his son, Henry, and explained the good use to which the funds were being put.

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7. West Country Report:  In the absence of Richard Bean, West Country Secretary, the President in thanking him for his work, mentioned that the next West Country lunch would be held on Saturday 19th May 2012 at the Belmont Hotel, Sidmouth when the guest speaker would be Jeremy Churcher (OH Stanton 1954 – 58) who would be talking about his varied career in many parts of the world. Roddy also updated members concerning the Allhallows Memorial Service to be held on Saturday 3rd November 2012 and explained the circumstances surrounding the normal venue, St Michael’s Church, Honiton which are likely to lead to the need to re-site the artefacts now in the Allhallows Chapel in the church. A search was under way to find a suitable new home in a church in the vicinity of Rousdon.

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8. Magazine and Website: Giles Blomfield, Editor, thanked all OHs who had contributed to the 2011 Magazine and said that he planned to have the 2012 edition ready for despatch in January 2012. Alec Crawford advised that it was planned to have a ‘make over’ of the website and he hoped that the new version would be ready in the next few months.

9. Any other business:  The President recalled that during the year there had been two reunions of OHs of specific time frames and he understood that both had been very successful. He was encouraged that it was not just events organised by the Club that were proving popular and encouraged members to organise their own gatherings.
It was suggested that some research should be undertaken to try and pinpoint the year in which Allhallows started as 2015 might be the year in which the 500 or 600th anniversary of the school could be marked.

Alec Crawford, HonSec

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