500th Year Celebration Lunch – Photos

Wada lunch! Wada party!

OHs who had not seen each other for 40, 50 and even 60 years were reunited, and they came from as far as Kenya and Canada, Hong Kong and Lyme Regis!

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They found plenty of people to talk to at the 500th celebration of the founding of Allhallows, There were 190 OHs at the £90-a-ticket event, held on Saturday, 19th September at stately Painters Hall, down a cobbled lane from St Paul’sCathedral in London.

Youngest OH: 36. Oldest: 91.

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Highlight of the five-hour luxurious event, dazzlingly organised by Nigel French OH, was a moving speech by top Oxford professor John Broome, who lives in the former cricket pavilion at Rousdon. Professor Broome brought roars of laughter when he gave his impression of how Rousdon must have been when it was a school: “You lot were turned loose in this wonderful estate, rampaging around – as far as I can tell without any sort of control.”

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But the professor also expressed with feeling his sadness that an institution as ancient as Allhallows had closed. Club president Roddy Long reflected in his speech that, although the school was gone, the club had never been in better health.
Among our 500th celebration photos you will find a shot of Professor Broome at the pre-lunch champagne reception, standing between former headmaster Peter Larkman and club hon sec Alec Crawford. Another shot shows the president speaking, and the final photo shows Professor Broome making his speech.

A full report on the 500th with more pictures is being prepared for the next issue of OH Magazine, due out in just four months.

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