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(Draft) Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Held on Thursday 27th November 2014

At the RAC, Pall Mall, London

  • Present: The President, Vice Presidents, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary, Committee members and some 35 OHs Apologies: Apologies had been received from 15 OHs.
  • Opening Remarks: In welcoming the attendants, the President thanked all those who do so much to ensure the continuation of the Club and whilst he knew that there were various groups that meet together independently of the Club, he was happy about this. He particularly thanked Myf Adams for agreeing to lead a small group including Patrick Musters, Peter Sloan and Martin Boulden to consider the future of the Club. As a result of their deliberations a questionnaire will be circulated with the 2015 Magazine in order to give all members, particularly the younger members, a chance to give their views concerning the future of the Club. The President thanked George Hayter and Giles Blomfield for producing the 2014 Magazine of a spectacular quality and content (applause). The President reported that Nigel Giles, who was suffering from poor health, had asked that a successor be found to take over his role of administrator of the website and e-mail distribution. Roddy would be writing to Nigel to thank him for the many years valuable contribution that he had made to OH communications. In respect of sport, Roddy recorded his thanks to Richard White for overseeing the golf programme and that John Pagliero had taken over the arrangement of golf fixtures with there being an individual manager for each match. Myf Adams was thanked for arranging another tennis tournament at Leweston on 27th June which it is hoped will be followed with clay pigeon shooting at the Southern Counties Shooting Ground on 28th June.
  1. Confirmation of Minutes: Proposed by Roger Wheeler, seconded by Michael Smith, the Minutes of the Meeting held on 28th November 2013 were approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman. Richard White and Michael Shaw who were not seeking re-election having Myf Adams for re-election                          Proposed by Roddy LongJohn Pagliero for election                          Proposed by Richard Lovell-Wood Martin Boulden for election                                    Proposed by Roger Wheeler All three were elected unanimously for a three year term.
  2.                                                                                      Seconded by Patrick Musters
  3. Seconded by Giles Blomfield
  4.                                                                         Seconded by Alec Crawford
  5.    completed a three year term.The following were standing:
  6. 5. Election of Officers and Committee: The President thanked Diana Davis,
  • Treasurer’s Report: The Hon Treasurer, referring to the accounts for the year ended 31st May 2014, made another plea for members to review the level of their standing orders and pointed out that, excluding income and expenditure in respect of the 500th Anniversary, the Club made a loss for the year of £1,137.Proposed by Giles Blomfield and seconded by Michael Shaw, the accounts were approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman.
  • West Country Report: Whilst a full list of events for 2015 would be published in the Magazine and on the website, the President particularly mentioned that the West Country lunch would be held on Saturday 16th May at a venue to be decided and the 2015 AGM would be held at the Hare & Hounds, Gittisham on Saturday 7th November 2015 before the Allhallows Remembrance Service.
OH magazine: The President reported that the 2015 Magazine is expected to be distributed by the end of January.
  1. Website: Referring to his earlier remarks, the President noted that two people had come forward with a view to taking over the administration of the website from Nigel Giles and as an ongoing review of communications with OHs, consideration was being given as to how best to incorporate social media.
  2. 500th Anniversary: Nigel French, as Chairman of the organising committee, advised that some 128 tickets had been sold for the Luncheon on 19th September 2015 in the Painters’ Hall and whilst expecting that all tickets would be sold by the end of February, he said that he wanted to concentrate on OHs who left in the 1980s as, so far, they only represented 1% of tickets sold. Nigel confirmed that Professor John Broome would be the speaker at the lunch, noting that not only did he now live in the Cricket pavilion at Rousdon but also his grand father had been at the school.
  3. The Future of the Club: The President stressed the importance of the work done by Myf Adams’s committee and emphasised the need to embrace younger members and ensure that their ideas are given full consideration. He also stressed the importance of the questionnaire to be distributed with the magazine and placed on the website in collecting the views of OHs
  4. Date and Place of the Next Meeting: Saturday 7th November 2015 at 11.30am at the Hare & Hounds, Gittisham, near Honiton EX10 0QQ.
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