2016 Golf Week

Many of us have just returned from another excellent golf week down in the land of our 'alma mater'.

Monday June 27th: In our annual match against the Old Tauntonians, this year played at Honiton G.C., representing the OHs were: John Bridger, John Harper, Peter Heron, Mark Hunt, Jon Husain, Roddy Long, Hamish Macgregor, Stuart Macgregor, Kit Magrath & David Reynolds. I am delighted to say we were successful by 3 matches to 2. (NB. OHs 3 from 3 for the year...........)

Tuesday June 28th: The OHGS championships, held again at Lyme Regis, were sadly and uncompromisingly interrupted by rain. This year's participants included: John Bridger, David Danskin, John Harper, Richard Heard, Peter Heron, Robin Higgs, Mark Hunt, Jon Husain, Roddy Long, Hamish Macgregor, Stuart Macgregor, Kit Magrath, Patrick Musters, David Reynolds & John Pagliero. Only 2 people managed to finish the course (Messrs. Husain and yours truly), with everyone else wisely returning to the clubhouse early and significantly drier than we were. On a slightly amended stableford points system of scoring Kit Magrath was declared the winner, his having accumulated 31 points after 16 holes. Well done Kit..................and well done for coming up with the slightly amended stableford points system of scoring....!! So, the Peter Ward Trophy, itself nearly as large as Kit, returns once more to Chichester.

Wednesday June 29th: Our regular fixture against The Devon Dumplings at Exeter Golf and Country club, unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the significant threat of rains and storms. Thanks, though, to Mark Hunt who, very nobly, initially handled and then had to change all the arrangements for the day.

Thursday June 30th: A new fixture was played at East Devon G.C. against The Taunton Stand Club. As our opponents could only manage a team of 6, Roddy Long, John Bridger and Jon Husain kindly offered to play a friendly 3-ball, teeing off just before the match. This left the OHs being represented by David Danskin, Richard Heard, Peter Heron, Kit Magrath, Patrick Musters & John Pagliero and we were good enough to win by 2 games to 1. (NB. OHs 4 from 4 for the year..........)

Friday July 1st: After a year's gap, we returned happily to Bridport & West Dorset for a day that was so kindly arranged by club member John Harper. Two teams, team A) John Bridger, John Harper, Jon Husain & Kit Magrath, and team B) David Danskin, Robin Higgs, Roddy Long & John Pagliero played out a great day's golf involving a fantastically convoluted points scoring system specially formulated to confuse everyone - but apparently the A team won...........!!
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