2015 OH Magazines Returned

The Hon Sec writes:
The Magazines were mailed to some 1450 OHs in early February 2015 using the addresses that we have on our database.
74 Magazines have been returned by the Post Office to the Hon Sec usually marked 'Addressee not known' or 'Addressee gone away'.
We have managed to trace 16 of these and Magazines have been sent to them. Unfortunately 6 OHs to whom a magazine was sent had already died.
That leaves 52 OHs for whom we have no current contact details, either mailing address or valid e-mail address.
Do you know a mailing address or e-mail address for any of the following OHs? If you do please e-mail details to me at ohclub@btinternet.com.
If by September we still do not have valid addresses the names will be deleted from the 2016 mailing list.

Balkwill W W N (C '36-41)Banfield J P (V '79-83)Boddy Mrs N (Ch '93-95)
Botting M J (M '83-88)Cann J G (B '56-59)Clemens (nee King) Mrs A C (Ch '81-83)
Cluff C D (C '84-88)Colville-Hyde E B (B '48-50)de Courcy Richards C J (M73-78)
Dowie C A I (B'81-86Fisher B (V '93-98)Freestone N C (M '73-78)
Goodrich S R K (M '73-76)Gould K H (C '59-63)Griffith J L see Note
Guvatt F see NoteHamilton Miss C E (Ch '96-98)Hamilton A J R (B '66-68)
Harding C E K D (M '70-75)Heathcote S D (B '83-85)Hill A (B '88-92)
Irwin M G F (C '54-58)Jenkins M J W (V '80-82)MacDiarmid R P (Sh '70-74)
Martin Miss A (Sh '79-81)May B K (B '89-95)Mill P J H (Sh '64-69)
Moillet R W K (B '39-42)Moorland A D see NoteNeill J A (M '40-44)
Nelson C W H (St '73-78)North O M (B '90-93)Owen R A see Note
Penfold R G (B '78-82)Plummer B C (C '52-56)Popham H C B (S '67-72)
Redwood B A J see NoteRees N J (S '68-73)Richards I C (S '76-81)
Rome Miss R see NoteRussell R E (B '71-74)Samuel Miss J R (Ch '88-93)
Samuel S H (M '51-54)Sparshott- Worley J H (V '78-83)Sturman Miss K (Ch '89-91)
Sworn S (S '84-89)Thompson W A (B '76-81)Thompson S F B (M '72-75)
Turnbull N P (Sh '76-81)Warden Miss N (Ch '89-93)Williams R D B (C '61-65)
Yates C N (M '88-93)

Note: There is no entry in the Allhallows Register and Record 1885 -1992 and therefore it is assumed that he/she was at the school after 1992.
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