2014 Shooting


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On a beautiful sunny 6th July 2014 morning at 11am the following turned up to the Charmouth Tunnel for .22lr (25 metres) and .223 (100 metres) rifle shooting.

 Alan Lovejoy early 1970s having driven down from London that morning; Howard Roberts late 1960s; George Hayter early 1960s; Robin Grey early 1960s with wife, Anne; Giles Blomfield 1950s with wife Gru; Tom Hembrow early 1950s; Alec Crawford mid 1950s; Mark Sienesi mid 1990s; Chris Bryan late 1960s with daughter Natasha and  Jim Rowe late 1960s  with a hang over!

 Apologies from our President Roddy Long in Croatia; Mike Newman domestic,; Myfanwy Adams family; Mike Ashcroft family; Rory MacDiarmid Nairobi; Guy Shepperd; Hutch Wright; Robert Hill and Richard Clist our host who was under orders to take his wife out!

 Shooting safety instructions were first given by Terry and Mike of the Target Sports centre, Charmouth Tunnel and then we proceeded to fire two lots of 10 shots for grouping on the 25 metres range.  We moved on to the 100 metres range (built over the old road) for a heavy caliber shot very much like the old .303, before moving back to the 25 metre range for the finals competition.  Here it was 10 shots for top score resulting in “sniper” Rowe winning The Allhallows Veterans Cup with 97 out of 100, Tom Hembrow 96, Mark Sienesi 91, Howard Roberts 88, you’ll have to guess Giles Blomfield’s score!

 Natasha Bryan scored about 90 which was very impressive for her debut aged 15 and dear old Henry Yool would have had no hesitation in signing her up for first VIII!

 The cost of the 2 hours was £24.50 and well worth the expense.
Thank you to all those who participated and in particular Alan Lovejoy (joint winner of the Cadet Pair 1971 Bisley) for traveling so far.

 The next shooting event will be at Southern Counties Leisure Centre, Evershot, nr Dorchester Sunday 5th October 2014 at 10am starting off with full English cooked breakfast – mmm!

 Contact Jim Rowe on 07831 727886 or email jrowe@symondsandsampson.co.uk.  Don’t worry if you haven’t got a shot gun as you can borrow one on the day.  It’s really good fun and not too expensive.

7th July 2014

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