2013 Walk

Walking Flat to Happiness


Richard was on the walk in spirit

A dozen determined walkers didn't let a wet forecast put them off.On Saturday, September 14th, they all turned up for a six-mile OH hike along the swift but gentle River Itchen in Hampshire.They all completed the course and many lapped up an optional diversion via the top of an Iron Age hill fort.

Schooldays were brought to mind when the OHs came across schoolboy rowers from Winchester College, and later a cohort of cross-country runners from the elite public school.The walk followed various channels of the Itchen from Shawford to the centre of Winchester and back, with a stop for lunch in a pub opposite the cathedral.The sky was grey but the company was colourful and the chatter bright.

Before the party of OHs, partners and friends set out, organisers Dominic Naish and George Hayter said a few words in tribute to Richard Green (Baker 61-65), who died just weeks ago.
An enthusiastic Winchester resident, energetic Richard had said he was enormously looking forward to being on the walk, and had sent the organisers a map and other helpful literature about the route.

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Organiser Dominic Naish (left) among OHs entering the city of Winchester on foot



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