2013 AGM & Reunion


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of The Old Honitonians Club

    Held on Thursday, 28th November 2013 at the RAC, Pall Mall, London

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  1. 1.  Present:  Vice Presidents, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary, Committee members and some 35 OHs.
  2. 2.  In the Chair: Mr Giles Blomfield took the chair in the absence of the President, Roddy Long, who sent his apologies
  3. 3.  Apologies: Apologies had been received from 23 OHs.    
  4. 4.  Opening Remarks: Giles Blomfield, in sending best wishes on behalf of all present to Roddy Long for a speedy recovery, read the text of what Roddy would have said if he had been present..

2013 had been a busy year and Roddy thanked John Harper for organising the golf and welcomed Richard White who had taken over from John; Myf Adams for organising the first tennis tounament, enjoyed by all; Jim Rowe and Richard Clyst for organising clay and target shooting and he particularly urged support for the target shooting event held at Charmouth Tunnel following a very low turnout this year; Nigel Speller who again had taken the Annual Remembrance Service in Honiton and Tim Birmingham for his role in upgrading the OH website, the new version of which will be launched shortly. In particular Roddy thanked Giles Blomfield, who is standing down as editor of the OH Magazine, having worked so successfully in improving this vital contact with members. Giles is also standing down as a Vice President. George Hayter has taken over as Editor and Roddy was confident that the high standard would be maintained... Finally he thanked the Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and all committee members for their work in the running of the Club.

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 Roddy particularly mentioned the 500th Anniversary celebration luncheon in September 2015 in The Painters’ Hall, London, tickets for which are available from John Clark.  He thanked John and Nigel French who is in charge of the organisation.

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Publishing  virtuoso: Giles Blomfield, who built up the magazine at the same time as  cutting the cost of its production, received a presentation at the party after  the AGM. He was thanked by Hon Sec Alec Crawford (left) on behalf of the club.  Giles's wife, Gru (rght) also received a token of gratitude, for her support.

  1. 5.    Confirmation of Minutes: Proposed by Roger Wheeler, seconded by Michael Shaw, the Minutes of the Meeting held on 29th November 2012 were approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman.
  2. 6.    Election of Honorary Life Vice President:  Proposed by Roger Wheeler and seconded by Andrew Moore, Brigadier Nigel Speller MBE OH was unanimously elected as an Honorary Life Vice President. Alec Crawford, in recalling Nigel Speller’s distinguished Army career, said that he had gone on to a second career serving the church as a Lay Reader for the last 25 years as well as being involved in many aspects of diocese and parish life. Nigel Speller had officiated every year since 2000 at the Allhallows Annual Remembrance Service following the dedication of the chapel in St Michael’s Church, Honiton and, for a number of years before the school closed, had been a Governor.
  3. 7.    Elections of Officers and Committee: In noting that he himself was standing down as a Vice President and John Harper was standing down from the Committee, the Chairman explained that, following the introduction of the new Rules of the Club in 2012, it was only necessary for James Rowe to stand for re-election having completed a three year term. Giles welcomed Patrick Musters and Peter Sloan who were standing for election to the Committee.

James Rowe                         Proposed by Alec Crawford

                                                Seconded by Robin Grey

Patrick Musters                     Proposed by Myf Adams

                                                Seconded by Giles Blomfield

Peter Sloan                           Proposed by Giles Blomfield

                                                Seconded by Myf Adams

Were elected unanimously to serve a three year term.

  1. 8.  Treasurer’s Report: The Hon Treasurer, referring to the accounts for the year    ended 31st May 2012, highlighted a substantial donation made by an OH, noted that the cost of the magazine had fallen by some £1,500 largely due to the efforts of Giles Blomfield in securing a good printing price and also advertising. He also noted that the West Country lunch auction and the tennis tournament organised by Myf Adams had contributed usefully to the profit for the year.However, in making a plea for members to review their standing orders, Robin pointed out that annual income from standing orders had declined from £6,174 in 2007 to £4,702 in 2012.

Proposed by Patrick Musters and seconded by Richard Le Fleming, the accounts were approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman.

  1. 9.   Allhallows Churchill Bursary: Alec Crawford reported that four applications had been received and two awards had been made in 2013. An award had been made to Ben Hammond, whose Father, Tom Hammond, had been at Allhallows    ( Middlemist 1966 – 70),  reading Astrophysics at Sussex  University and also to Daisy Patsianas whose Grandfather is Giles Blomfield and is reading Mathematics at Cardiff University. Alec explained that these were the last awards to be made under the Bursary scheme as the bursary fund would be exhausted in 2016 after the last payments of the 2013 awards had been made. There is likely to be a small amount of interest remaining in the account thereafter and the Trustees will decide at the time how best to use the amount available.
  2. 10.         West Country Report: The Chairman said that whilst OH Golf was going very well with a full schedule of matches in 2014, Richard White was appealing for more OHs to participate as there could never be too many. Unfortunately it had not been possible to raise a cricket team in 2013 and it was therefore concluded that OH cricket had succumbed to the ageing process. Following the successful event in 2013, Myf Adams was organising another tennis tournament for 2014 and clay pigeon shooting would again take place at Evershot. Giles expressed his hope that there would be more support for the target shooting day in July 2014 which Jim Rowe and Richard Clyst organised so well at his Charmouth Tunnel range. The West Country luncheon had again been a success.  However consideration is being given as to whether in 2014 it should take the form of a buffet style rather than a silver service The Allhallows Remembrance Service in November had been well attended and Alec Crawford told members about developments related to St Michael’s, Honiton which, it is hoped, will see the church back in full use, although it was too early to say whether the 2014 Remembrance service could be held there.

A full list of events in 2014 will appear in the magazine and on the website.

  1. 11.     OH Magazine: The Chairman recorded that George Hayter had now taken over as Editor but he, Giles, would continue to assist with advertising and production.

He stressed the importance of advertising in keeping down the overall cost of the magazine and asked for members’ assistance in approaching potential advertisers.

  1. 12.  Website:  The Chairman thanked Tim Birmingham for his work in respect of the updating of the OH website which, it is hoped, will be running in its new format early in the New Year.
  2. 13.  500th Anniversary: In the absence of Nigel French who is chairing the organising committee, the Chairman said that the Anniversary luncheon would be held on Saturday 19th September 2015 in The Painters’ Hall, London. Places were limited to 180 and therefore at this stage tickets were only being sold to OHs. Already there had been a healthy demand for tickets, available from John Clark.
  3. 14.  .Date and Place of the Next Meeting: Thursday 27th November 2014 at the RAC, London (subject to final confirmation)




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