2012 Tory Shield, Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting

On Sunday 7th October 2012, the annual Clay pigeon shoot at Warden Hill, Evershot, took place on a lovely autumn sunny morning with OH shooters comprising our President Roddy Long, who had travelled from Guildford that morning, Mark and James Sienesi from Exmouth
and Bristol respectively, Cansh Pope, Richard Clist and Jim Rowe more locally.

Clay PIG 1  Clay Pig ii

After a full English breakfast enjoyed by all, at 10am shooting commenced and after 70 shots each  James Sienesi was the winner with 51 hits, Richard Clist 46, Mark Sienesi 45, Cansh Pope 31, Jim Rowe 30 and Roddy Long 23, who exclaimed “this gun’s only got one trigger”!.

Clay Pig iii  Clay Pig v

The fact that Millfield and Milton Abbey Old Boys failed to put forward a team, the Old Honitonians “won” the Tory Shield again for the second year running.

The competition will be held again next year 6th October 2013 at 10am and any Old Honitonian who wants to enjoy a really great fun experience can email Jim Rowe for further details.  jrowe@symondsandsampson.co.uk


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