2010, Girls’ Gathering 1975

We met at Joe Allen's in Covent Garden, where four of us had met a year previously, having met up, after thirty years, at Johnny Cooper's funeral.

2010 75Girls v

Jill Ibrahim, Karey Taylor West, Rosie Payne, Alison Bailey, Jo Grimwood, Claudia Brown, Jennie Spurgeon, Jane Booth.

Over  a case of wine we discovered that Karey is working as a psychotherapist in Oxford, married to Andrew and with three children, all of whom are musical and the second one of whom has inherited her maths-nerd gene (her words),

2010 75Girls i

I'm working part time for the artist/wildlife conservationist David Shepherd as his PA, co-writing novels for which I am looking for a publisher (any OHs in publishing?) and with both my two children at Durham university.

Rosie's still living in Bath and two of her three girls are at uni and one has just started working in Dubai.

2010 75Girls ii

Alison is also a part-time PA to a philanthropist in London and has two daughters, Jane has been working for local government in Jersey for six years and has two children, and now her husband has retired they plan to move back to the mainland.

2010 75Girls iii

Claudia's brood of children and step-children are all doing well so she has transferred her energies to equines, having brought on a young horse and just won her first dressage competition.

Jennie has recently returned part time to publishing  (children's publishing though, sadly for me!) but really wants to settle down to writing more, having had a number of children's books published already.

2010 75Girls iv

Jo isn't working so is able - lucky thing - to follow her husband round the world and recently met up with John Wong who gave them a very royal tour of his part of the world.


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