2006, Allhallows Day



A congregation of nearly 50 gathered at St. Michael’s, Honiton, the home of the Allhallows War Memorial Chapel, on the afternoon of Saturday, 4th November 2006, for our annual Remembrance Service.

Lunch at The Hare & Hounds

The new Rector of Honiton, the Rev. Susan Roberts, welcomed us and said how glad she was to hear of the strong ties between Allhallows and Honiton and the flourishing state of the OH Club.

Vicar & Speller
Nigel Speller, Rev. Susan Roberts

Lessons were read by our President Richard Le Fleming and a Trustee of the Allhallows Charity, Arthur Dimond OH. The Hon. Secretary laid the traditional wreath in memory of the Fallen and read out the names of OHs who have died recently. Our organist, Vernon Burchell OH, expertly played some rousing hymns and accompanied the choir in a delightful anthem. Brigadier Nigel Speller OH gave his usual well- wrought address, this year on the theme of the Chapel, one of the few tangible reminders he said of our great school and its former pupils. However, he first pointed out that we could see displayed on the altar, the Allhallows Communion Vessels, which had been given to the OHs and St. Michael’s by Mr.and Mrs. G. Newton, of West House on the Rousdon estate, whose builders had found them nailed up in a cupboard in the old vestry, which they were renovating.


Nigel Speller said the beautiful fifteenth century church of St. Michael’s and the Chapel made us aware of God’s presence and the memories and achievements of Allhallows and those who made them possible. He said it was right we recalled again those who had finished their earthly course and now rest in peace. This building is like the foot of Jacob’s ladder, where our prayers ascend and the Grace of God comes down to us. We can continue in the spirit of Allhallows, doing good to all, which is another way of saying Famam Extendere Factis.

Derek Thomas, Francis Martin, Arthur Dimond.

James Rowe, Tom Lovell-Wood, Alec Crawford, Andy Moore.

Among those present were Bob Compton, whose father George Compton was killed in action in August 1918, Bill and Honor Preston, Chris Lambert, who designed the Chapel for us, Andy Moore, Alec Crawford, Colonel Derek Thomas, Chris Pound, Barbara Clark, Graham and Mary Jones, Nigel and Anne Giles and Richard Bean, our West Country Secretary, to whom we are most grateful for organising so much of the day for us and lunch at the Hare and Hounds. Tea was again provided for us at St.Michael’s by the Ladies of Honiton Parish from whom we have had unstinted support.


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