2003, Leavers’ Reunion 1993


A tenth of a century, a decade, whichever way you look at it, it is ten years! That's ten years since most of us last drove up that driveway. How many of us returned in that time? In September we held a reunion for the class of 1993 in London. This was the culmination of efforts that started back in February and a sudden dawning that 2003 marked a decade of life beyond the Rousdon mists. Remembering a promise back in 1993 to meet up in ten years' time the process was embarked on with a mixture of curiosity and dare I say it schadenfreude. Well curiosity may have killed the cat but so far only a few people are listed as missing after the reunion.

The reunion was held on September 27th in Soho Bar, a bar not surprisingly located in Soho London. It was a subterranean venue that swallowed us from the warm autumn air. People started arrived at 7pm and by 8 the place was heaving with people straining to recognise one another. One of the biggest surprises that became evident was the number of people there who had left at the end of the fifth year. Do leopards change their spots, were old wounds reopened or old flames reignited? In general the decade had been kind and only a few people showed addition of pounds and repossession of follicles. The years also seemed to have had a mellowing effect with animosities largely buried. Few people had kept in contact with many and so surprised and happy faces abounded. Ten years is a long time to catch up on. Stories of the old times were swapped and reminisced. Which paths did we take from our common start? Some were still students, including one still doing a BA, a number were musicians, a few high flyers in business, a number of farmers and the majority in service industries. The bar had a late licence and they did not turn on the lights until 2. Some boogied the night away with old friends but the alcove areas had the most activity as people caught up. Everyone seemed to disappear around the same time leaving some wondering what happened.

In total about thirty people made it. Mostly they were from the year that finished the upper sixth in 2003 although there was also a handful from other years. Thank you everyone for coming. I think everyone had a good time, see you at the next one which must be due in, oh, 2013! A big thank you must be extended to my fellow conspirators in the organisation, Tom Selway and Claire Sibun and also to Nigel Giles and his OH database without which the reunion would have been much smaller.

Mark Andrews

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