2012, Leavers Reunion 1984

In June 2012 Martin Boulden and Dave Britton met up in Bournemouth for dinner, the last time we saw each other was at the 40th birthday bash of Nathaniel Ikeazor in London. After talking about many subjects we thought it would be a great idea to round up as many of the year of 1983 as we could for a reunion. Both of us had kept in contact with several school friends over the last thirty years so we convinced ourselves this would be easy, particularly after consuming several drinks! Martin always was the more sociable of the two and the next day decided to track down as many from our year as possible, of course the web and Facebook made this task easier and very soon we had a list of nearly 28 to encourage to meet up.

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The venue naturally had to be the school gates at Rousdon and the date decided, the 29th, September. Over the weeks leading up to the reunion many phones and emails were made and we waited for the day with excitement and in some cases, anticipation, with nearly thirty years passing, who had the most hair being one of the leading questions to answer!
On Saturday morning the 29th we all made our way to the school gates from different directions some travelling up to 250 miles.

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The first to arrive was Nick Tadd, followed by Martin Boulden along with Charles Osborne and Henry Bowers Tolley. After greeting each other with hand shakes and manly hugs we waited as the cars came down the long drive, in previous years we had waited for our parents to collect us at the end of term!
Next to arrive were Simon Lynes, Marcus Baldwin and Peter Lawrence and very soon we had managed to gather 14 Old Honitonians, a great surprise arrival was Robert Tincknell who Martin had only managed to track down 72 hours before.

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We spent the next couple of hours walking around the school grounds remembering the good and bad times of our school years and catching up on the present.
We could not have chosen a better day, the weather was perfect and we finished the tour with photographs.

With all the travelling and adrenalin flowing it was time to make our way for lunch. Martin had chosen the Mark Hix restaurant in Lyme Regis overlooking the Cobb, a fantastic setting and the staff served great seafood and drinks and even personalised the menus as a souvenir to take away!
At this point we had a final surprise - the 15th member to join us - James Verner; he was unable make it to the school gates but did manage half a bottle of wine and a beautiful piece of fish!
Leaving the Hix at around 6pm some of us said our goodbyes whilst others decided to linger and re-live our youth!
At midnight we said our farewells, a decade earlier it would have been 2am but the excitement of the day and the buzz was even too much for Charles Osborne!

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An amazing day was had by all the OHs - special thanks must go to Martin Boulden for his hard work and rallying around, also to those who were unable to make it - Andrew Weston and Eduardo Gonzalez who are both sadly no longer with us.


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