2002, Leaver’s Reunion 1982


Benson Lo Ben Johnson

20 years is a lifetime…or so it seemed back in 1982, when a small band of Allhallows pupils left their home of 5 years to embark on then next stage of their lives. To think that we might one day be in our mid thirties with wives (or even ex wives) and children was so far-fetched as to be not worth thinking about. It was far more exciting to think about University, Colleges, new friends, sex (or more sex depending how advanced you were!) sport etc ….anything but responsibility!

Well fast forward 20 years to July 2002 to the Monkey Island Hotel in Bray and a group of middle aged (how can I say this I still feel young) former pupils gathered to swap stories, catch up on old times and salve their curiosity.

The original idea for the Reunion was Benson Lo's (not the whisky swigging gambling Benson but the mature successful businessman Benson) and with a bit of badgering he got Duncan Short, Andrew Kenyon, Ben Johnon, Dick Kinver and Phil Tuck to organise the event - Andy was elected treasurer because we all remembered his excellence in the Maths room.
The venue was chosen by Ian Mitchell and his wife Mel (cousin of Will Rigby) who had been married there - and what a perfect venue on our own island in the river Thames.
After many e-mails, phone calls, letters and the odd meeting the event was organised and the day arrived.

We had Richard Joyce from Singapore, Benson from Hong Kong, Gerry Papini and wife from South Africa on route to Canada, Crispin Ruffel-Smith from the British Virgin Isles. Who said OH's don't travel? Other guests are too many to mention here but after much quaffing of Wine (provided by Phil Tuck) the OH spirit was well and truly rekindled. News was swapped, old friends reunited, memories refreshed….but most importantly a good time was had by all. We maybe older, maturer and have responsibilities but we can still party - even without Rousdon mists and cliffs!

Someone mentioned a reunion in another 20 years time; someone said in 5 years……..Well over to you then!

Duncan Short.


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Charles Eden Mike Paton
   Richard Joyce Robert
   Stuart Payne Richard
    Dave Bond Phil Tuck
       Andrew Kenyon
   Nicky Hussey Caroline
 news14_6    news14_7  news14_8  news14_9
     Adam Baisley Philip
     Waddington Gerry
    Robert Penfold John
  Knapman Ben Johnson
    Mrs. Gail Millar Gilva
    Tisshaw Helen Bird
             Kate Tuck
           Venning Boys


                                                           A Good Time Was Had By All!

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