2008, Leavers Reunion Luncheon 1975

27th September 2008 at The Thomas Cubitt, London

‘The spirit of the OH Club’ was very much alive and kicking at the Thomas Cubitt , ' Belgravia's most exclusive pub', on Saturday 27 September, 2008, when a large group of 1975 leavers met for lunch. John Wong had worked tirelessly to get as many of the year group together as he could and we ended up with 30 attendees. In glorious sunshine, we enjoyed pre-lunch drinks followed by a splendid lunch, even more drinks, and the intrepid remnants were last seen heading off for yet another hostelry (no names, no pack drill).

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With John visiting from Hong Kong, Ahmed Ghazzal (responsible for rounding up a few of the older generation, the 1974 leavers) coming from Rome and our old American friend, Bernie Laudun, jetting in from Virginia, we has a cosmopolitan gathering. Bernie is still 6 foot 6, but looking much shorter now that he doesn't have that voluminous Afro! Ahmed said he would bring his 15 wives but strangely turned up on his own.

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Keith and Lynne Moore were our guests of honour and we all really enjoyed their contribution to the festivities we would all like to extend our sincere thanks to the Moore’s for joining us.

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Just before we were served our main course, Nick Cronin, resplendent in MCC cravat, rashly suggested that everyone addressed the gathering to say something about their fondest memories and, by that time, we were happy to oblige. There were many stories about crashing an assortment of cars and two wheel vehicles, smoking at the tree, visits to the Nag's Head and other sundry illicit activities. Andy Green gave us a poem which wouldn't have won any prizes for technical excellence but had them rolling in the aisles. Judging by the volume of noise generated by the assembled OHs, the reunion was a resounding success and we all agreed that we wouldn't leave it another 33 years for a repeat performance.

Those in attendance :
John Wong, Jimmy Thornton, James Negaard, Gavin Howard, Jo Cooke (née Grimwood), Nigel Howlett, David Danskin, Julian Sheppard, Bernie Laudun, Stephen De Wild, Matthew Phillips, Nick Cronin, Shaun Conner, Rosie Coates (née Payne), Alison Bradshaw (née Bailey), Bev Bailey, Charles Harding, Bruce Evens, Chris Catchpole, Joe Wakeford, Rob Scowen, Piers Rouse, Andy Green, Ahmed Ghazzal, Peter Clegg, Rory MacDiarmid and Andrew Poe. 


David Danskin.

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