2009, Leaver’s Dinner 1960

31st October 2009 at The White Horse Inn, Ampfield.

A gathering of OHs, who left in the 1960s, was held at The White Horse Inn, Ampfield on Saturday, 31st September(Allhallows Day) 2009, for dinner   which was organised by Gaye and John Armstrong (B 62-67).
John and Gaye would like to thank all of those who came to the dinner, as well as all of those who couldn’t make the evening but sent their apologies, and their e-mail comments and compliments concerning the food, service, staff and pub, they have passed on your thanks to all.

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John says that his first glass of wine that day was at 12.00pm, and followed that with a number of “Keith Floyd” snifters throughout the day. Suffice it to say that by the time the guests had arrived he had begun not to worry about the evening!
John added that at the time of his final and very emotive off the cuff speech at the end, he couldn’t have cared less and can only just remember his final goodnights and his very interesting chat with Ken Caudrelier. John praised his lovely and very long-suffering wife, who put up with him as he tripped in the bar on the way to bed, and that was as far as his memory extends! A goodly evening was had by all.

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7.30am duly dawned and John says that he awoke feeling fresh and invigorated, stress free with the knowledge that the OH dinner had passed, at least for another year.
“Are you OK”? The lovely Gaye asked, a knowing look on her face.
“I’m fine John replied. Why?”
“You fell out of bed at about 2.30am, hit your head on the bed side table, and lay there moaning. I was very worried about you and tried to get you back into bed. You got very grumpy and said you didn’t need any help.” Oh dear!

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John says that he was afraid to say, that he could not remember a thing about it, but does have a lump and a cut on his forehead to prove the event actually happened.
It was great fun, and quite remarkable that the whole night was not dominated with old codgers reminiscences’, but also had some semblance of a good evening of a few old friends with similar memories of events along time ago.

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A few thoughts from those that attended:

Let’s hope it becomes an annual event - the lamb was fantastic, the wine very pleasant and the company great - O' the hosts were great to! –
Ken Caudrelier

It was great fun seeing those I had not seen for so long and catching up. I suspect the girls felt a little left out at times, but they knew what they were
coming to and I suspect would have expected it. Very best wishes to you both and hope to see you again in less than 42+ years! – Roger Hopkins

I enjoyed the evening, even if there were people there that I could not recall as boys. If we have another one perhaps we can wear nametags with a photo attached to it showing the wearer as a younger man!– Simon Clifton Moore

It was really good to meet again names and faces that were distant memories from over 40 years ago. I hope it may be possible to have another meeting one day, as time is not on our side! - David Richardson

The whole evening was a great success – at least we and all those we met again back at the hotel said the same – and for me as one of those who had not seen any of them for 42 years, very great fun. It is interesting but also sobering to see how people’s lives have developed and the evidence of good and bad times since the largely benign days of school. I must say I found the discussions leading to many long forgotten memories re-emerging, of people and places!  - David Oxlade

I think we can count it as a spectacular success and we've all got to be pretty pleased at the numbers of us that came.  Your pub, your food, your 'booze' and your team were, and are, exceptional.
There were a number of murmurings along the lines of:
"Nice one.",
"Hmm.we should do this again......",
"Next weekend.." said Bridger,
"Could include some golf, of course..." suggested Hopkins,
"Well, maybe annually..." said another,- John Pagliero

Thanks for organising a great evening with good atmosphere and excellent food, both Maggie and I enjoyed it immensely  – Nigel Clegg

It was also good to see a few people of whom I only had a vague recollection even if I hadn't managed to figure them all out by the end! – Nick Love

Other thanks and similar remarks were kindly given by Hugh Ellicombe, Tim Woodall & John Bridger.


John Armstrong, John Pagliero, John Bridger, David Richardson, Simon Clifton Moore (his brother dropped him off, so he was also here in spirit)
David Oxlade, Nigel Clegg, Hugh Ellicombe, Nick Love, Nigel McMullen, Roger Hopkins, Ken Caudrelier, Tim Woodall.

Apologies received from:
Paul Clapp, Andrew Hamilton, Tony Hamilton Hunt, Tony Lloyd , Brendan Cooper, Peter Pratt, Andrew Hemming, Bill Scobie, Dominic Naish.


John & Gaye Armstrong


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