2011, Leavers Party 1960

1960s Leavers Reunion Dinner 29th October 2011 at The White Horse Inn, Ampfield.

Another superb evening.

I  had hoped that we might have a few more OHs but sometimes I forget that as we get older our afflictions are numerous, our families are multitudinous, our holidays are more often, and sometimes we just are not sure that we want to see people that we haven’t had a conversation with since 1967.
However it was a true joy to see all the “Old Boys” that came to my pub on the 29th October.

John  “Wiggle” Bridger: pretty much the same as he always was, self-assured, debonair, a lovely lady on his arm and full of the joys of spring.

Andrew “Fats” Hamilton: Has this guy changed since 1967, I don’t think so, he looked great and he was with his lovely wife, Diana, whom he has known since the dances at Allhallows in the 60’s. What a lovely couple. (Ps. he is slimmer than most of us!)

Nigel McMullen: It doesn’t matter what I write about Nigel because he cannot use email!! I was sad that his wonderful lady could not be present, but it was good to see another success story from Allhallows!

John Pagliero: Captain Birds Eye, a tremendous beard, a silver fox if ever there was one and such a pity the lovely Vicki could not attend, hopefully next year.

Dudley Hopkins: Not of our year and sometimes not of our planet. What good company, he is a regular customer of the pub and will always be welcome, thanks again Dudley

Roger Morton: What a nice man, we hadn’t met for over 40 years but it didn’t seem that way, thanks for coming and thanks to Kathy, his lovely wife, it is not easy to be part of a time long gone.

Peter Sloan: carrying the Junior Victor Ludorum from 1967? Had he changed at all, he still looked 20 years younger than the rest, and I did not remember his AWOL incident when he started in Baker, look forward to meeting your wife next time, Peter.

Peter Read: I still smile when I think of Peter, I didn’t know him well at school, but I wish I had. Great company and another lovely lady, Denise, please come and see us again, and I will try to get to Sidmouth one year.

Roger Caudrelier: Thanks for coming Roger it was great to see you, it was a shame that your brother Ken couldn’t make it, but hopefully next time.

Nigel Fawcett: wonderful company and yet another lovely wife, Jacqui, it was a pleasure to walk him around the back are of the pub and his interest in cooking gave me hope that he can do it next time!

George Hayter: Another regular in the pub and always a joy so see him and his gorgeous wife Jan, thanks for coming and once more thanks for your regular custom.

Dominic Naish: what a great job this man had, photographer for the Victoria & Albert museum. Dominic thanks for the incredible pictures that you brought to the evening; they brought back a time of fun, laughter and sometimes an incredible discipline. You were very good company.

Nick Lerwill: Once more a name that I knew, but somebody I didn’t know well at school. Did it matter not a bit, superb company, another lovely lady, Glynis, and truly someone I would always enjoy having a beer with, thanks for coming Nick it was a pleasure.

Roger Buxton: we don’t seem to get many company directors at our events, mainly boring! (but rich) accountants and solicitors. Roger was a breath of fresh air, superb company and another man whom it would be great to spend an evening hovering over a pint, thanks again for making the effort Roger; you will always be welcome in my pub.

Bill Scobie: NO the legendary Bill Scobie. Bass Player, guitar player, author, all round good guy. I always am thrilled to see Bill, and he has often popped into the pub and he and his family will always be close to my heart. Thanks for coming Bill.

Excuses and sorrows from:
Peter Brown – no excuse just couldn’t make it
Brendan “Chile” Cooper- In Chile, poor excuse, better luck next time, I hear you are in England next year, let us know when.
Tony Lloyd – In Seattle, miserable git couldn’t be bothered to fly 6000 miles for dinner!
Tim Woodall – bad knee. Should be better next time, but crutches are allowed.
John Husain- Last minute cancellation due to having surgery on his eyes, I would have read the menu to you John, once more no excuses next time
Richard Hurlock, almost made it, good luck at Llanelli
Nick Love: I cannot believe that someone would rather been on holiday with a lovely wife rather that being in a pub In Ampfield! Look forward to seeing you soon Nick.
Nigel Clegg – you were missed, maybe next time.
Peter Clapp – Peter, it would be great to see you next time; we will try to give better notice.
Roger Hopkins – a budding Guy Fawkes, the wrong time of year, we are talking about a different time if we do it again, hang on to your sparkler
Dave Oxlade – once more you were missed, you and your lovely wife are always welcome. A family event caused their absence.
David Richardson – David and his wife were great supporters of the event 2 years ago and were unable to attend due to family commitments.
James Morrow – his absence was a great disappointment to me, James and his family, along with John Bridger and others, took me in at Allhallows when my family lived abroad. Unfortunately James had family commitments that could not be broken, next time James.

Rod Liddell- On holiday, I think, once more hopefully more notice might bring more people, sorry you weren’t here Rod, see you soon.
Tony Hamilton Hunt: the protector of our skies and our waterways, Tony was unable to make it as he had commitments both at work at Farnborough airport and the Hamble where he has many connections with prestigious power boats.
Peter Forster- just couldn’t make it, hopefully one day Peter, and how is Dave Taylor if you are still in contact.
Hugh Ellicombe- Another regular customer but this time abroad on holiday, sorry to miss you Hugh, and hope to see you soon.
Simon Clifton Moore – great company last time but unable to make it this time, you are always welcome.
Peter Pratt – A great loss that he couldn’t make it, Peter had to be in Spain to sort out some problems with his property there. Peter, I haven’t seen you since we stacked fag tins on end to hide them from customs on the Oriana in 1968; it would be good to see you.

Patrick Musters – Couldn’t make it this time perhaps next. I hope so.
Simon Armstrong – My miserable brother, lives in Hungary with his lovely wife Veronika and their three kids. Next year you should come brother, a lot of people spoke of you with affection

To all the other OHs to whom I emailed but had no reply, I am truly sorry to have bothered you, but many people wanted to keep in contact and the burden of organisation fell upon me. Once more the evening and the following morning turned out to be a wallowing in nostalgia for those “wondrous days” of the late 60’s and early 70’s but a genuine pleasure of having a drink and something to eat with a number of friends from the past who happened to share something quite unusual and very special.


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